Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Five Fave Tweets: February, 2012

Since most of you only know us through blogging...
And since this blog sprang from our presence in the twitterverse...

We're happy to present to you a new monthly series:

Our Five Fave Tweets!

*drum roll pleeeez* 

not to name names but SOMEONE *koff-Mommy-koff* forgot 2 lift the shades today. Birdwatching SERIOUSLY curtailed. Am SO Mistreated.

pay no attention to lump under sheets AM CONDUCTING DEEP-COVER INVESTIGATION expect full report soon on whether or not bedbugs really exist

'SCUSE me? Person leaves home & informs me I'm 'In Charge'. Exactly who does she think is in charge when she's In Residence anyway?

*prim voice* Pardon me, but has this water bowl been decanted? No? *SPLAT!* If you want something done right, you simply MUST do it yourself.

*standing at bow of ship, paws outflung* I AM THE KING OF THE WORRRLD! okay so maybe it's a closet shelf instead of a ship. i'm still king.


  1. Replies
    1. Allie: oooooh RUMBLES, I *knew* a mancat of your stature would appreciate that! *bats eyes*

  2. Hahahaha! “deep cover investigation!” That’s a cat vocation lol

  3. Replies
    1. Maxwell: you shoulda seen the horrified look on Momma's face when I announced that. Geez mom, can't a kitty grab a good excuse now & then?

  4. Replies
    1. Allie: oh girlfriend! It's such a trial being around cats without couth, like our brothers - as you know - *sigh!*

  5. I've got my peep knitting up a couple of catnip mouses for Sebastian and CJ (I know she might not feel up to the nip just yet but when she heals more, she will). Can you please send the peep Sebastian's new address? Thanks. Her e-mail is

    1. We sure will! We'll send it to you here in a little bit! Thanks soooo much!


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