Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Five Fave Tweets: January, 2012

Since most of you only know us through blogging...
And since this blog sprang from our presence in the twitterverse...

We're happy to present to you a new monthly series:

Our Five Fave Tweets!

*drum roll pleeeez* 


Ryker: Faraday's a chip off the ol' litterbox: devious, manipulative, sneak--- err, I mean brilliant, clever & debonair. Yeah, that.


Pawesome Continental Breakfast this AM. As a result, we've decided to let you keep your AAA rating, Mommy.


FaRADaY: Human Conditioning #4536721: Walked across Mommy's face several times between 2 & 3 AM. Am happy to report she woke up to Attend Me 3 times.


Mommy sez Allie's suffering from PMS: Pestered by Maxwell Syndrome


FaRADaY: Mommy just said I inherited Ryker's Sense of Entitlement. COOL AN INHERITANCE! Would that by chance come with any WAND TOYS???


  1. Those are fun! I never think of posting my favorite tweets - maybe I should do that.

  2. fun fun! we usually post a fav tweet every month, it is always so hard to chose I stopped doing it MOL! But maybe I should pick 5....
    Have a fun week, MEOW MONDAY!

  3. LOL, very good. I really can’t get into twitter. It’s one social network too many !!!

  4. Yes, we don't tweet of facebook, we're practically in dark ages over her at our house!!! Loved your tweets, especially Allie's PMS - LOL!!!!

  5. ha ha you have us in stitches over here. So funny.

  6. These are hysterical. I especially like PMS, pestered by maxwell syndrome.

    Your pal, Pip


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