Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our Five Fave Tweets BONUS EDITION: Classic Ryker

Classic Ryker Part 1

  1. This morning I was all ctrl+alt+NOSE then ctrl+alt+NIPEAR. NOTHING worked. sheeesh! Howz a kitty to get his morning kibble around here C'MON WOMAN REBOOT!
  2. Humans. SOOO Gullible. *snort* Hey look, isn't that Brad Pitt? munchmunchmunch OH LOOK, YOU FINISHED ALL YOUR FRIES
  3. @VPI so Person just insured @Allie_Kitti (aka Allie The Pest). That means she's STAYING. I feel the need for a therapeutic massage coming on...that covered under my policy, right?
  4. WANNA KNOW HOW A SNOTTY CAT PURRS? Maxwell: "purrrrSKNNKKKpurrrSKKNNNKKKKpurrrrSKKNNNKKKKKpurrrr..." oh, and then there's the juicy spray.
  5. FACEBOOKING (verb): you open book, I plant my face in it. PRIORITIES, HUMAN, PRIORITIES! nothing's more important than petting me!


  1. HaHaMeow! Facebooking - we are familiar with this term!

  2. MOL! Number two ... purrfect. And you could replace Maxwell's name with "Moosey" in number four! :)

    1. Faraday: *takes notes* M-o-o-s-e-y.... GOT IT!

  3. HAH! Hey, my furrend Allie isn't a pest!

  4. see why ya like those tweets

  5. Ooh, I have a wheeze myselfs sometimes, Maxwell! I hope I dont have ta get meds fer it... - Ayla

  6. Hey Tonk, Hey Ryker's Boys, Hey Allie, Jet here.

    Have you been reading the minds of Puffy and Fluffy... good ones... totally feline point of view!


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