Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Medical: Infographic - Snake Bites in Pets

Murdoch University in Western Australia created this very helpful infographic on how to detect snakebite in your pet.

Normally, we city folk wouldn't be too interested in this, but a news report broke a few weeks ago about a boy bitten by a rattlesnake in one of our suburbs. Yikes!

Having grown up around rattlers and other poisonous critters in Texas, I understand how critical education and preparedness are for snakebite survival. When I was a kid, one of our cats was bitten by a rattler. And survived it. It's because we - and our vet - knew what to do.

Frito, a floofy orange tabby boy, was rushed to the vet and given antivenin. It wasn't a pretty recovery - he lost all his fur and the top layer of skin down the side of his body where he was bitten. But it eventually all grew back and he recovered fully.


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10 signs your dog or cat has been biten by a snake infographic thumb


  1. Another very interesting, helpful article. We do have a few rattlers in WI, over near the Miss River Valley. But M says she would she would never take me over there. Thanks for doing the research - it is very valuable information.

  2. Most interesting and educating post! Thanks fur sharing! This is just one reason we are indoor kittehz. (our main threat bein water moccasins)

  3. We are lucky we don't have such problems over here. However for those that do it is great they can learn what to do. Have a good day.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. This is a very informative post. We don't have rattlers here, thank heavens. We have King Cobras and pythons but rarely in the city. Not sure if the local vets have anti-venoms for snakebites but will ask my vet.

  5. Yet another interesting post !
    A bloggfurriend of mine died last summer after been bitten by a snake :(
    He had heartproblems prior the bite so his heart didn´t cope with the bite.

  6. That is a great info graphic! Luckily, we kitties do not go outside, so our likelihood of running into any poisonous snakes is almost nonexistent... which is a good thing because there are rattlers, I'm sure, not far from us!

  7. Luckily we don't get rattlers here as Flynn has caught several snakes and presented them to me.

  8. what an awesome post, we follow you now!
    I wanted to thank you for stopping and and offering to help Squashies in this very scary and uncertain time. I am totally floored and heart-filled at the support the community has give to my little, under-used blog.
    You all are precious, as a community and as friends.
    Thank you again!
    Dee, TK, Squashies and Pip

  9. We're lucky enough to be indoor-only cats, but this is GREAT information. Thank you for sharing it with us, dear pals!

  10. Thanks for sharing the info graphic! They just had a story on the news tonight about a dog in Quincy that is recovering from a snakebite.

  11. This is amazing guys. I love that you've gone through all this effort to share it with us. Sometimes we take for granted occurrences that rarely happen to us, it's a good share and I will remember the diagram of what to do when a pet gets a snakebite.

    Huggies and cheese,


  12. That's a really good infographic. We have pygmy rattlers on the interior of Florida. You can find some on the West side by the water butt it is rare. One of the reasons we only visit parks on the interior during the cooler winter months when the snakes are hibernating.

    Thanks for sharing this excellent info!

    Waggin at ya,

  13. Super interesting! ...Glogirly grew up in CA and her dad found rattlesnakes in their garage and yard a couple of times. VERY scary!!! And one time when she lived in Houston she went to the garage to ride her new tricycle she'd gotten for Christmas, hopped on and grabbed the handlebars. One handlebar was bigger, warmer and had a SNAKE coiled around it. It was quite the freak-out. Glad I didn't witness the calamity that ensued.

    ; ) Katie

  14. Thanks for this! My human bookmarked it!


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