Friday, June 28, 2013

Last Day to Nominate Blogs & Shelters for the Pettie Awards!

Today's the last day to nominate your favorite pet blogs & shelters for the 2013 Pettie Awards! Katie of Glogirly fame calls this one of the most prestigious awards out there for excellence in pet blogging - and you know that girlcat dishes it straight.

If you enjoy our posts, would you consider nominating us? It's super easy. There are several different categories including Best Cat Blog and Funniest Blog, to name a few.

If you'd like a few suggestions for the category on Best Blog Post, here are some of our faves (you'll need the URLs for the nomination process, so we hope this makes it easier on you):

Our Blog the Change post about Twisty cats:

Empty Chairs, Trash Bags and Bomb Sniffing...Pigs?

Kitty Cams and Bad Journalism:

(or possibly one of these for best video post?
or  )

Thank you so very much for considering us as nominees - and for taking the time to go to the Petties page and nominate

Best of all - for every blog nomination, you also get to nominate a non-profit shelter or rescue as the one that's awarded a $10,000 grant! That's huge, especially for some of the smaller shelters like our Maxwell's Alma Mater, Kansas City Siamese Rescue - run by a small handful of passionately devoted foster families.

There is also a shelter in Kansas City that is in desperate need of assistance - they have had an unprecedented run of cats dumped on their premises, a story we'll tell you more in depth in a post soon. They are Great Plains SPCA and they're valiantly struggling to rehome literally hundreds and hundreds of homeless cats right now.

We're thrilled that DogTime, the host of the Petties, is providing this grant opportunity. So many deserving shelters out there could use these funds!


  1. We nominated you, sweet friends! Good luck, and have a great weekend. :)

  2. Thanks for the reminder - I'll go nominate you now! And I will nominate Great Plains SPCA too - I know how much help they need right now.

  3. We nominated you too, we love your blog! Good luck for sure! Have a wonderful weekend kitties!

  4. Remind us when voting starts and we will pop over and vote for you. Nominations were closed this morning. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly


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