Monday, June 9, 2014

Meezer Colors Monday

Better late than never? 

A little birdie told us that today is a special day for felines of the Siamese persuasion.
So here is our belated entry:

Behold the Blue Point!  
 Maxwell: We didn't want to leave Allie out, so I told her I'd share my photo with her.
(uh, no one tell her she's OOF in the background, though, 'k?)
Up Next: The Platinum Mink!

Faraday: Although, technically I'm a 'Neezer and not a Meezer, Mommy said I could participate, too. Tonkinese are a man-made breed, a blend of Siamese and Burmese.

And where Maxie has points, I'm a mink (meaning my coat is less contrast-y than his).
If I were pure Siamese, I'd be a lilac point!  And where Maxie has classic Siamese blue eyes, mine are called 'aqua' - though Mommy says they're more of a seafoam. 

We didn't notice this until the Chans pointed it out the other day, but Mommy and I share (almost) the same eye color, though hers are a bit darker!

We thank you all for your patience as our mom and dad juggle helping both sets of parents move, on top of some pretty incredible workloads. 
Rumor has it our mom has elebenty zillion shows to direct & edit by August 25! 
We promise, we will visit you as often as we can - we refuse to suffer from Blog Deprivation Syndrome!



  1. You two have marvelous points! Faraday, you are lucky you have such stunning fur and eyes, or you would not be able to get away with so much!

  2. oh no.. not the dreaded BDS.. purrs that your mom and dad's work loads ease soon..

  3. We had never heard of 'neezers before. Whatever you call it, you're a beautiful boy, Faraday. We know that's how you get away with so much because Newton operates on the same principle. High paw!

  4. We think you are point-edly beautiful! :)

  5. "neezer"--now we have a new description for May Ling!

  6. Oh no BDS. LOL no worries mum we see you when we see you and good luck with both sets of parents moving and the directing and editing. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Faraday looks so velvety in that picture. And Maxwell's oh-so-blue eyes is making Mommy want to do nothing but just stare at them.

  8. You guys are definitely en pointe!!

  9. life happens.....we understand. (btw - does Allie know you called her an "oof"?)

  10. Both of you Mancats are exquisite and we love seeing all the beautiful photos your Mommy takes of you. Good thoughts and purrs to your Mom and Dad with all that is going on...

  11. " 'neezer"..." 'neezers" Ha ha.....sounds like what Allie had when yoor mommy caught her "ah ah choo-ing", it come after da "choo"...when yoo kinda shake out da choo's. ???? Yoo boyz--and ok *sigh* Allie too-yoo take care of yoor mommy and daddy whilst dey so busy...and wish yoor daddy a Happy Daddy's Day from yoor Unca Bucky!


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