Sunday, May 3, 2015


Allie: Back off, Maxie. Those flowers are mine.

Maxwell: *sniff* You sure about that, Allie? 'Cuz I don't see your name on it or anything....
Allie: Don't be silly Maxie. Of course my name was on it.

Allie: Besides, who else would they be for?
Faraday: They could be for me, you know. From my adoring fans.

Allie: Oh Brat, honestly. The card quite clearly said they were for me. See?

Maxwell: Allie, that says Allied Floral Delivery.

Allie: Exactly!  "Allie-D". Everyone knows Mother and Father call me "Allie Darling."
So see? A "floral delivery for Allie D!"

Faraday: *eyeroll* Seriouslies, Allie, that's about the lamest thing EVER.

Maxwell: *paws at card* H-A-P-P-Y  B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y  L-I-S-A...
Uhm, Allie, I think these are for Momma.

Allie: *shocked look*! It's not possible....

Maxwell: I hate to break it to you but...Allie... Momma's a girl, too.

*stunned silence*
Allie: I...think I may be going into shock...

(hours later...)

Happy Birthday to our Mom! 


We're entering Maxie's sniffin' photo in the Sunday Selfies blog hop, hosted by the kitties over at The Cat on my Head.

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday to your Mom! Hope she has the best day ever! xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday to your amazing mom ! We wish her a wonderful day ! Purrs

  3. Happy Birthday, Lisa! Have a great day!

  4. A very happy birthday to you Lisa. I'm sure you'll share your bouquet with Allie! :)

  5. Poor Allie, let down again. That is a lovely photo for your selfie Maxie.
    Happy Birthday mom Lisa!

  6. Beautiful flowers- Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!!

  7. I hope that you have the happiest of birthdays! Have a fantastic new year. ♥

  8. Those are lovely flowers for your beautiful mom! We hope she has a very Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday to your mom! I bet she will share them with you!

  10. Adorably cute post. Happy birthday to mom Lisa.

  11. Happy birthday to your mom! My cat bro Bert says you should eat the flowers, then they will be yours in the belly. Bert is a naughty cat, so follow his advice with care.

  12. A big happy birthday to your human! I'm so looking forward to meeting her at BlogPaws!

  13. Happiest Birthday Lisa!! may you have peace among all three kitties today

  14. * laughs tail off * Oh guys Allie makes me smile!.

    Happy Birthday mom Lisa - we hope your day is a good one with joy, laughter and fun.

  15. Happy Birthday to you Lisa!! Your flowers look yummy!!

  16. Nothing more amusing than a confuzzled Mancat...getting his sniffing revenge on!

    Happy Birthday, Mama Lisa!

  17. Just sniff them, Faraday...don't eat them! Happy Birthday to your pawsome Mom!

  18. Mee!!
    *•.¸¸♪♫•Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪♫•¸¸.•*
    ¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪♫•
    ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday Dear Allie and Faraday and Maxwell's Mommy!!!!! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪♫•
    ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪♫•
    And mes hopes yous had the bestest one ever!

  19. Happy birthday to your awesome Mommy!

  20. Happy Bird-Day Ms Lisa!!!! Now who eggsactly found da plastic cardy ting and did yoo order lotsa tuna too? Yoor mommy must love tuna, it'd be wonderful prezzie even tho it banned for all of yoo.

  21. Happy Birthday, Lisa. Sorry we didn't make it on your special day! Did the kitties only smell your flowers? I can't get Lisbeth to stop eating the fresh flowers we always have! Hope you had a most wonderful day. Hugs, Janet ad Kitties Blue


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