Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday's Waif: Everest

"Hi, I'm Everest! I was brought to Wayside because my last owner couldn't take care of me anymore, but that's okay! I've been given another chance at the life I deserve and I've been having a blast as a Waif!"

"Even though being at Wayside is so much fun, I'm ready to find my new family and go to my forever home. As you can see in my photos, I'm a gorgeous feline with a soft, fluffy coat you'll love to cuddle with.
My big, beautiful eyes are sure to catch your attention.

I'm a little shy and timid at first but once I'm more comfortable with you I'm as sweet as can be. Since I can get a little scared in busy or new situations, I need a home with children over the age of 5.

I love playing with my toy mouse and I'll be a great companion to sit back and relax with.

Do I sound like the perfect fit for your family?
If so, come to Wayside Waifs soon, I'd love to meet you!


Everest is available today at Allie's Alma Mater, Wayside Waifs!



  1. We're purring and praying that Everest gets a forever home quickly.

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Everest, you sure are a beautiful kitty, and we are glad you are at Wayside Waifs until you find your new forever family. Purrs and prayers that you find it real soon!

  3. What a good looking kitty you are, Everest!

  4. You are a handsome boy Everest. I hope you soon get your home.

  5. What absolutely gorgeous eyes he has!

  6. Everest, you sound like an awesome kitty and we have a lot in common. I love your feathery black fur and being shy isn't bad, it just means you need a quiet home. I'm shy too and I found the perfect quiet home so I'm sure you will too. And I love your big yellow eyes!

  7. R internetz thiz week haz been like a lite bye two say Hi while de spazzed thing iz still....ON~~~~~~

  8. N we hope ewe iz IN yur for everz everest by de end oh de month sew start packin yur NAP sack, best best fishes two ewe XXXX

  9. You sure are a pretty little one with that gorgeous fur Everest. Hope someone finds you soon!


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