Friday, August 17, 2018

We interrupt our daily cat for a book review

Faraday: I dunno why Mommy keeps sitting there, tippy-tapping on that keyboard, but she seems to think this week's speshul or something.
An' it has to do wif THIS.

Her latest book released yesterday and she's already working on the next one, an' the NEXT one, can you believe it?

If you like science fiction, you can pick it up on Amazon at this link here

That guy wif the glowy eyes looks skeery too.   (He is, kiddo. Very scary.)

Maxwell: Dood, that's because he's the book's nemesis.
Allie: Maxie, you need to put it in words he understands.  
*looks pointedly at Faraday*
That's the book's DOG.

Faraday: ohhhhhh.

Wait, did you just insult me, Allie?
Imma just go stand on Mommy's computer now and stare at her an' stuffs.

 Put a cat on the next cover Mommy! Like, nowz an' stuffs.

  You mean, like this?

The next book (sorry, Faraday didn't make the cut) is out November 1)

Faraday: YASSS! Now that's a book cover, Mommy. Handsome Space Kitty Superhero.

I'll be sure to take it up with the cover designer....

(Maybe not for book 3, though.... sorry kiddo)

Happy Release Day to our mom!


  1. Happy release day!! Too bad about Faraday....we think he looks very handsome on the cover

  2. Congrats on your book release day! Maybe you need some cool uniform or headgear, Faraday...

  3. How exciting for your human! Paws up and congratulations!

  4. dood.....ewe look TOTAL lee kewl on de cover.....feerce witha cap a tull best fishez two yur mom; we hope her sellz a bazillion copeez !! :) ♥♥

  5. We're SO proud of your mom and her new career!!! And a cat makes any cover better...just sayin'!!!

  6. Congrats to you mom! And we think a cat belongs on the cover too.

  7. Yay ! Concatulations to your mom ! Purrs

  8. Happy Release Day, and congratulations to your mom.

  9. Farraday, I think you have a wonderful concept for a sci-fi series. The main characters can be cats, with a few good dogs, birds, & mice. And then some "bad" characters (probably aliens) because we wouldn't want to disparage any animals.

  10. Glad your mum is having fun writing books.

  11. Congrats on that book's release! Wow! You are furmouse!


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