Saturday, November 4, 2017

Peace in 3 Steps #blog4peace

We know we've posted this for the annual Blog Blast 4 Peace in the past,
but it's such a powerful message, we thought it worth repeating.

Along with a few photos.
(Okay, and a cat. But forgive us, we're making you wait til the end today!)

For many years, the U.S. had a governmental affairs office in D.C. headed by a man named Moshe Shearer. This man, a rabbi, had a very interesting insight into the concept of peace.  One of the oldest practices in Judaism, he said, involves a prayer that concludes with a phrase known as Oseh Shalom.

Oseh Shalom is probably the most famous prayer for peace in the Hebrew language – and in my opinion one of the most beautiful, especially when you hear its melody. Translated, it goes something like this:
“May he who makes peace in the high places make peace for us…”

Interestingly, tradition requires that you begin by taking three steps back, then as you say the prayer, you bow to the left, to the right and to the front. Rabbi Sherer taught that the reason for this was to remind us that there is only one way to truly achieve peace among people.

Stepping back represents stepping back from oneself, dropping personal agendas and willingly letting go of those strongly held personal viewpoints. This helps remove obstacles that stand in the way of objectivity.

And while pure objectivity may never be achieved, this practice helps you to better understand the viewpoint of your adversary.

Keeping an open mind and striving for objectivity are a critical first step, true, but if we truly want peace we need to be willing to bend.
A little bit of compromise, whether it’s the left, the right or the center, may just be the necessary component to achieving true peace.

May we all learn to step back and be willing to bend.

The photos were from a morning walk in our neighborhood.
We hope they bring you as much serenity as they did us when we experienced them:

• a tree, resplendent with berries
• fresh pears, just harvested from our front yard
• pumpkins, resting against a tree trunk

Oh, and yes, one kitty, sleeping peacefully. And for the moment, the house is at peace as well. (subject to change when he awakens)


  1. Such wise advice, and gorgeous photos. This is lovely. Thank you!

  2. What a wonderful story, kitties and great pictures too. Let's purray we can harvest Peace soon❤Peaceful Pawkisses for a Happy Caturday😘❤😻

  3. We're purring for peace but not holding out too much hope. Too much craziness in the world.

  4. I love everything about this post. Your trees,, pears, pumpkins and cat are all so peaceful. Thank you.

  5. We learned a lot from that wise. Rabbi, thanks for sharing that with us, it was peacefully pprrfect!

  6. Rabbi Shearer was certainly a wise man. Thank you for sharing his amazing words, and all of these beautiful images. Peace to you!

  7. We're feeling very peaceful after this...thank you.

  8. I take a knee to purr for peace today and every day.

  9. A lovely and relevant post. We all need to take three steps back and consider......

  10. Beautiful post. We wish you a peaceful day. Purrs

  11. "May we all learn to step back and be willing to bend." Yes. Thank you for your beautiful post of peace.

  12. Beautiful message. It gives words to the fact that I am at a very "step back and bend" time in my life -- caring for my elderly mother with love and patience.

  13. I you-tubed Oseh Shalom. It is a beautiful song,and even though I don't understand the language, it makes my heart feel hopeful.
    Your photos are beautiful! Love the golden leaves on the trees.
    Ear scritches to your felines.

  14. Love this post. Truly peaceful for the blog blast. Add a deep breath, a brief pause to the Oseh Shalom...and I feel confident of it's power. תנו לנו שלום

  15. Oseh shalom bimromav, hu ya'aseh shalom aleinu v'al kol yisrael, v'imru amen. Amen!

  16. totally off topic: I bet those pears would make a lovely pie.

    in these troubled times, we need peace more than ever. I fear it is going to be more and more scares in the coming days


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