Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thursday's Purrs: Teddy

"Wait .... Hold on there a minute ... I've just got this one last lick ...."

"Ah, there. Now I'm presentable!"

"I wanted to get all cleaned up for you, you know, in case you might be interested in hanging out with a handsome blue-eyed boy like myself.

I'm 6 years young, and the ladies here at the shelter say I'm a rather handsome sort. It's enough to make a mancat blush, you know? I'm kind of a modest, retiring sort, and not one to boast, so I'll have to let you make the call on that one.

But I would like to meet you. Maybe you'll come give me a scritch or two, or maybe even a treat?"

"Mmmm, makes my mouth water just thinking  of all the fun treats times we could have together.

Standing by, waiting patiently for you,

Teddy is waiting for you. Come meet him today, at the Main Campus of Kansas City Pet Project.



  1. Oh Teddy, you ARE so handsome! I'm thinking some lucky family is gonna scoop you up for a furrever home really soon.

  2. Teddy is a cutie. I am sure he won't have to wait long.

  3. Teddy, you certainly are a handsome dude. And such personality. We'd say you're a great catch, and hope you don't have to wait too long to find your happily ever after. Hugs!


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