Friday, September 9, 2011

Blog Carnival: Our 'Gotcha' Day, Part 1

(This post is my entry into the BlogPaws Blog Carnival Contest sponsored by BISSELL Homecare, Inc.)

Since I'm oldest, I get to go first. (Before the Brats slime all over the keyboard.)

dramatic pause 
I chose Mother and Daddy out of simply tons of potential families --

 *HAAAACK*KOFF*  excuuuuuse me, TONS?   *CHOKE*KOFF*

*disdainful sniff* 
Ignore the Furry Slimeball!! (grabs camera with pink toenails) I'm over HERE... (pats fur, smiles at camera)
There, that's better, now where was I...

oh yes! ...out of simply tons of potential adoring families, when they arrived at my Alma Mater, Wayside Waifs.

You see, Mother wanted to find out if they were participating in this wonderful promotion that Hallmark, Petfinder and CBS had created in conjunction with their 2009 Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, called "Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays."

Of course, the hope was that if they got people to foster a pet, it would become love at first sight, and the fostering would become permanent....
(BRILLIANT, simply BRILLIANT! Okay, so Mother works for Hallmark and I might be a teensy bit prejudiced... *giggle!*) But I digress.

So there I was, wandering the aisles, sizing up potential humans, when they walked in. Mother was nice and all, but I immediately realized Daddy was The Perfect Candidate for my pink-nailed manipula-- err, that is to say, I could see immediately that I would be his Daddy's Girl. (was I right or what?)

They signed up for the Foster a Lonely Pet program, but I knew I had this family in the bag.

And the rest, as they say, is history.... *dreamy eyes*

uhhhhhh.... My turn? *taps microphone with paw* is this thing on?

*eyeroll* MAXIE! Just talk!
 uh, yeah, well... 
Um, I found Momma a few weeks after she lost Ryker. Papa told her one day that she had been crying herself to sleep for too many nights and her arms were empty. She needed a baby boy again. 

That very next day, a nice lady from Siamese Rescue called her an' told her they had the perfect boy for her. (That'd be me, just in case you were wondering.) 

Momma didn't think she was ready and told the lady she had her doubts but she'd come out the next day anyways.

Here's the picture they took the first time she met me. She just started crying and crying. (I got kinda wet cuz she's a sloppy cryer yanno)

That first night, I slept right next to her, exactly like Ryker used to do. And I've never slept there since. (I had to let her know I could feel her pain, and that was my way of telling her...)

The next day they had to take me to the emergency vet cuz I had kennel cough. They found out I was totally deaf, but that was okay they said, cuz they were gonna love me no matter what. (of course, I had to lip-read at the time...)

Five months of ear treatments and a surgery later and I can hear - sorta. 

Enough to hear Momma tell me she loves her baby boy. 

*sigh* That's music to my ears....


Mommy sez we'll tell Ryker's and my "gotcha" stories next time - 
it'll be the Tonk-a-thon Post! Woooo


  1. Your story gave us leaky eyes sweetiee. We were so happy for your mom when we found out you had been adopted. She has too much love in her heart for kitties but to be blessed with one or two more in her life. You got a good home that's for sure.

  2. Maxwell: *earnest look* You shoulda been there when she WROTE it! (sigh) My fur's wet again... *wrings out tail*

    Anybody got a squeegee I can borrow?

  3. It's cool hearing your stories! I participated in this carnival too!

  4. Great stories! Maxwell, your story made our eyes all leaky (in a good way).

    Happy Mo Cats Day, friends!

  5. Rumblemum has leaky eyes too, and she knows how your mummy felt. We're all happy she got you to cuddle!


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