Sunday, September 18, 2011

Less Adoptable: Older Cats

Guest Blogger: Michelle Cour, Wayside Waifs Volunteer (and “Wordsmith Par Excellence”!)
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Hello! It's Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet week and unfortunately, one of the categories that's harder to adopt is pairs. Cats thats have lived together a long time are bonded and would not do well without each other. Unfortunately many people fear the extra cost or worry if they have the time for two. We can answer your questions and allay your fears.

We're Ronnie and Jelly and we'd like to do a commercial why cat pairs (especially us) make wonderful pets. Pairs are devoted to each other and are already good and close friends. You'd never have to worry if we'd get along together. We have a proven track record of success together.

Though cats love humans, y'all are a bit odd and often don't “get” us. Another cat would, and we need understanding as much as food, water and shelter. Not your fault—Mars and Venus thing! We can admire each other's unique abilities. Yours—to get the tops off the tuna cans, and ours—to twist ourselves into furry pretzels to clean our tushies.

When you're busy, we entertain each other and don't guilt you into holding or petting us, and let's face it, with kids and a spouse or a demanding job, when aren't you busy? Had a bad day and need something soft and comforting to hold? (No, not a beer can!) You need something soft and warm and with two, you'd have twice the comfort in half the time. Studies prove that petting a cat lowers blood pressure and reduces anxiety. Get our purr motors going and that sound can lull you to sleep.

Two do cost a bit more than one, but a single bored cat can overeat so not much difference. We chase each other and get exercise so are often healthier and don't need you for a playmate. When you're scooping out food, how hard is it to scoop enough food for two? Easy peasy! Most vets don't charge for a second office visit for annual exams, just the vaccines which are pretty cheap.

We have a special challenge so are looking for a special family. We're 4 and 5 years old, with probably 10 or 12 years left to live. Tons of fun and affection left, but let's face it, many people want cute little kittens. Just wait till they climb the drapes and shred them, or whine incessantly at midnight for attention! Kittens aren't problem free and need lots more of you than older cats. You also don't know what the final personality will be. With us you do - two sweet girls!
We have to go home together, so hope you fall for both of us. Looking forward to meeting you.

Veronica and Jelly Bean


  1. Mom loves Veronica and Jellybean. She hopes they find a forever home soon.

  2. What timing on this post. Did you know that @staffpurrson just adopted a pair of 10 year cats so they could stay together? One of them is sick too, making her really hard to place. He must have known what you were going to write about!

    When Mom adopted Candy & EK she really only wanted one other cat as a playmate for me. But they were already bonded and she didn't want to split them up.

    Kudos to anyone who is willing to keep bonded animals together and not split them up.

  3. Who could resist these two? I'm purring for their forever home to come soon...

  4. Thanks for this post - it is really important for humans to know this!

  5. Oh man, M is "sighing" and wishes she could take you two sweeties.


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