Saturday, September 17, 2011

An Exciting Week For Us! (cue Allie's *Squee!*)

This post is #2 in the Adopt A Less-Adoptable Pet Week Blog Marathon. You can read post #1on Sebastian's blog,

We're Manga… Magan…Mangianana…

*eyeroll* MAGNANIMOUSLY, Faraday. Magnanimously!
(and he's named after a physicist. *shakes head*)

Maxwell:  uh, yeah, what she said.
We're letting Mommy have our blog this week for a Very Important Message.

 An' she's teaming up with Sebastian over at to make it a week-long MARATHON!
Hit it, Momma!

(breathy voice) oh that Sebastian! He's soooo dreamy! *swoon*

Cut it out Allie. I mean it. I'm gonna hurl.

As always, thanks guys. I think.


This week, we're co-hosting a Blog Marathon for Petfinder's "Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week".

And we're honored to have several guest bloggers join us – both volunteers and staff alike – from Missouri's largest no-kill shelter, Wayside Waifs.  There will be a new post here and on Sebastian’s blog each day this week.

Each day, we'll profile a different situation that make an animal less adoptable, and we'll feature one very special animal who 'lives' that profile.

We hope you'll join us on this journey and we look forward to reading your comments!


  1. This sounds awesome! I am looking forward to your guest bloggers!

  2. That does sound exciting! We'll have to check back.

  3. I think this is a fantastic cause, I posted about it too. And the marathon sounds great. The ads for the week just about make me cry. Hugs to all the less adoptable pets!

  4. Hooray!!!! Thanks for helping those animals that have a harder time finding their forever homes.

  5. FaRADaY: Oh FANKS YOU all for posting! We's sooo excited about all the cool guest bloggers we gonna have! Mommy gave us a sneak peek today and we give them Two Paws Up...WAY up! (MOL)

    Maxwell: uh, yeah! Me too! *blush* Momma's even gonna talk a bit more about me one day...*whispers* don't embarrass me or anything, ok?


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