Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday 2.0: "Love Saves the Day" Arrives!

Peeps, we gotta tell you, we're anxiously sitting by (okay, on) Mom's tablet, waiting for her to get home and Turn. It. On.

("One word, Mother. Red? Seriously??")
Why, you ask? Because people all over the internet are saying that their copy of Gwen Cooper's must-read book, Love Saves The Day, has arrived. And we can hardly wait for her to check the Nook App and tell us ours is here too!

If you haven't yet pre-ordered a copy... well.

Run, do not walk, to the nearest book store, or surf to your fave ebook site and get one. If it's anything like her last book (and we sneaked a peek at chapter one already and we can assure you it is) this falls into the "can't put down" category.

We're going to digress a bit and tell you about Gwen's last book. It's also how we met Gwen and her superstar kitty, Homer!

Well, kind of. You see, we hooked up with Homer on twitter. He's this cool blind kitty who, one day a few years ago, said "hey you guys, you should read my mom's book!"

So of course, wanting to support a friend, we kindly told him we'd be happy to. Mom bought a copy of Homer's Odyssey, not knowing Gwen was a real-life, honest-to-goodness author.

Oh my cat! Five pages into the book and she's thinking, "man, Gwen's good. Really really good. She should do this for a living!"

Um, Mommy, Gwen's a New York Times bestselling author.."

Boy was her face red. (It's not that Gwen's not well-known. Mom's just really bad at this. For instance, she could tell you there's a book out there now called "Hunger Games," but doesn't have a clue who wrote it. Seriously. She's doing good to know Hemingway wrote "For Whom the Bell Tolls"!)

But she got so excited about the amazing, compelling, can't-put-down story of Homer's life that soon she was telling everyone she knew (even strangers on planes, and she does NOT talk to strangers on planes) that they had to read this book.

It's so good that our dad, who only reads books to help him get to sleep at night, was forced to stop reading it because it was so gripping he wasn't getting any sleep. (He did finish it, just not while reading in bed ;-)

So now you understand why we're so excited about Gwen's next book, Love Saves the Day.

"Is it here yet, momma?"
But wait! There's more! (We were just dying to say that.)

Gwen is hosting a contest and anyone who purchases Love Saves the Day during the first week it goes on sale is eligible to enter - the winner gets an in-person visit from Gwen plus $500 donated to the animal-related charity of their choice. Sweet, huh?

Mom wants to say a word about that all-important first week a book goes on sale. She has several friends who are authors, and they've told her that this first week is something publishers look very closely at when deciding whether or not they're going to continue to publish an author. It's similar to that whole box-office-hit phenomenon at the movies.

So, if you're planning to buy Love Saves the Day anyway, please do it now.

Who knows? You might win a visit from Gwen and $500 for your fave animal charity.

(Second prize isn't too shabby either: a portrait of your pet by animal artist Sue Hains!)

So Mom got home (finally)...
to find this: 

Rats. They're making us wait til tomorrow to read it.


  1. At least I don't have to be jealous that she's getting a jump-start on me! My B&N gift card is all warmed up and ready to go tomorrow. :)

  2. We learned lots here! And as our mom loves to read and she loves cats, she'll have to check it out. We've seen Homer on the innernets but didn't know he had a book out cause we live under a rock. We'll look for it at the Kindle bookstore.

  3. I wonder if it will be available at midnight. Just saying!

  4. Nook!?! Wes can gets it on our Nook!?! Me is off to see!

  5. We're like Oui Oui--we know about Homer from Innernetz videos and stuffs, but we did not know he writed a book. Well, I guess strictly speaking, his Human wrote it for him, but still.... We'll check it out!

  6. Mommy read Homer's Odyssey when it first came out and fell in love with brave Homer! We'll keep an eye out for the new book at our local bookstores. :)

  7. Mom didn't know that about the first week of a book being on sale. Good reason to buy the book now rather than later. We sure wish Gwen the very best! Homer too, of course.

  8. We wish Gwen the best of luck. Paws crossed. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Hope that Gwen will sell lot of books the first week !
    My mom-person have ordered both Love Saves The day and Homer's Odyssey :)

  10. Looks like a great book! I will have to check it out... oh guys.. your mom sounds like me... I would probably do the same thing (and marc would probably try to change seats on the plane!)

  11. Oooooh, have to get mom to order the book. The only question is whether to get it on the nook or in the flesh (OK, paper). The nook app for iPhone wasn't very good. Does anyone know whether it's any better for the iPad? Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  12. Oh, and I love the red tablet cover. Red is mommy's favorite color. She even painted her workroom red (she loves her cozy dark red workroom). Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  13. Dad loved Homer's book...runs to iPad to order...oh, right, thanks for the tip Allie...paw pats, Savannah


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