Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wayside Pup does Star Turn...Tomorrow at 2!

Pups, Kittens. Lend me your ears. And your remote controls.

Do you know what tomorrow is? Why yes! It's Game Day!

Grab that remote and paw on over to Animal Planet tomorrow at 3 PM Est/2 PM Central for Puppy Bowl IX, starring...


This adorable Wayside Waifs alum enjoys puppy biscuits, belleh rubs, and a good toy tussle.
We know where our wet noses will be planted when the players come running out onto the field.

Go Team!

Pre-Game Day Trivia
Did you know? Over 250 pee pads were used during the filming of this epic match-up!


  1. Darn, our cheapo parents who don't have cable.

  2. Hi Maxwell, Allie and FaRaDay,

    Oooooh, this is SO exciting! That is so neat that a Wayside Waifs graduate has a puppy in the big game. We love the Puppy Bowl, and we will watch for Aurora!

  3. The puppies are really cute <3
    Shall check out if we can see that on Animal planet in Sweden too ??

  4. OMC, our Mommy LUVS the Puppy Bowl! Thank you for reminding her.

    Really? 250 pee pads? WOW!

  5. We is going to has the puppy bowl on in Mommy's office and the game inb the Living room! We is furry excited!


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