Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pet Dental Health Month: 5 Myths

The folks over at Nutro and TRONE Research conducted a study on Oral Health Myths in November, 2011.
Some of the results in this infographic surprised us!

Faraday and Maxwell are scheduled to have their teeth cleaned this month.
Many veterinarians offer discounts during February in honor of Pet Dental Health Month, so we're taking advantage of that.
Are you planning to clean your pets' teeth?


  1. I think it's much easier to clean a doggie's teeth than a kitty cat's teeth!

  2. Mommy brushes Whisky's teeth. Us? Well, Mommy tried and we thanked her by foaming and splattering the foam all over her. Heh heh.

  3. Luckily mine don't need cleaning and Pip is too old and can't have anaesthetic so we just have to put up with dog breath. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. These are staggering statistics! Mommy is going to brush HER teeth right now. MOL!

  5. I think Derry will need another dental this year. I can't smell, so can't tell if his breath is bad, though.

    What really, really annoys me about my clinic is that they always RAISE their prices on dentals for Feb 1st...then advocate for pet dental month. It's no savings, to get it done this month.

    1. Mowzers! That's not nice at ALL! We're glad ours doesn't do that...

  6. Those are some great stats that make clear some extremely important facts. Thanks for sharing, pals! :)

    P.S. - we will be watching for (and rooting for!) Aurora in the Puppy Bowl!

  7. I knew it! I KNEW it!!!
    I am NEVER letting a dog lick me again.
    ; ) Katie

  8. My human's boyfriend believes those stupid myths about dog mouths (he is a dog human, duh), but my human never has. I just say, "Ick!"

  9. Mommy gives us special dental treats that the v-e-t said to try. Since we started eating them, Candy & I have both been to the v-e-t and he didn't say our teeth needed cleaning. The big test will be EK. He needed his teeth cleaned last year. So if he doesn't need them cleaned this year, we'll do a review of the treats.

  10. Humom clean's my teeth and she sticks a toof brush in Alfie'z mouff..BOL xx00xx Pe-ez let'z uz noze how youz get'z on at de dentizt x

    Mollie and Alfie

  11. I like the 4th tip the best I think. Cleaning animals teeth is pretty tedious work sometimes! Good luck guys!

  12. Mom uses cat based toothpaste to brush my teeth its okay not my favorite Mom says it is important. When I go for my yearly Mom will ask about my teeth as well.

    Good luck on the cleanings purrs.

  13. Great post,
    and this makes my mommy wants to clean our teeth again.

  14. Mommy brushes Bob's teeth, she has tried to do Cinnamons, but Cinnamon is hyper and does not like lots of things! Me, not on your life! Me would bites yous! Kozo, well, Mommy has tried, and he will let her for a few minutes...

  15. And of course, chewing Greenies is the best possible thing for all pets... Sorry about the bit of sarcasm but simply couldn't resist!

    I had an interesting conversation with my vet about what appears to be an epidemic of teeth so bad on the Blogosphere that almost every cat we know is having teeth pulled. Our vet grew up in the States so is not a French country bumpkin. She was very dubious about this, other than to say that dental work is of course a good money-maker for vets...


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