Monday, March 18, 2013

BREAKING: Pet Food Salmonella Recall

Natura Pet, makers of Evo, Innova, California Natural and HealthWise brands of pet food are recalling the following dry dog, cat and ferret foods:

       •Weight Control
       •Lamb & Oatmeal

California Naturals:
       •Kangaroo & Red Lentil

       •All three cat formulas
       •Adult large bite
       •Senior plus
       •Prime beef & lamb
       •Herring & Salmon
       •Large breed adult & puppy

       •Turkey & Chicken Cat & Kitten
       •Herring & Salmon Cat food
       •Red Meat Large Bites Dog
       •Turkey & Chicken - Dog
       •Weight Management 

The specific runs impacted are the ones that have an expiration date between 12/17/13 and 1/2/14.
Please check the lot numbers on any bag of pet food you may own against the lot numbers listed on Natura Pet's link, here.

If in doubt, you can contact the company at (800) 532-7261 between 8 AM and 5:30 PM, CST, Monday – Friday.


  1. We're glad we don't eat any of those. We hope effurycat who does finds out about it and stops!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Oh man..not again. Poor babies who have eaten it.

  3. Thanks for this. We thought it was only the dog food. Fortunately, we don't eat any of these now (but we have in the past).

  4. Oh no not again! Thanks for posting this. This is the first I've seen of it this time.

  5. Piper: thanks for posting this.

  6. Hi kitties,

    Here's a link to the feral cat situation here in the Chicago area. Treehouse is largest, no-kill shelter in the area and they are also the organization that leading the TNR efforts in Chicago. This link will fill you in on the situation and also gives you the option to email the city commissioners in support of TNR.

    Thanks so much for your interest! Once I hear what happens tomorrow, I will let you know.


  7. OMC! I guess I should be happy they're too rich for our wallet.

  8. Luckily it does not effect us. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Oh dear. We used to eat EVO but after they were bought over, Mommy switched us to Orijen. We hope no furries were affected by the affected food.

  10. so far so good; no recalls on my Fancy Feast canned food and eat only prescription hard from my vet who would whip it off her shelf in a flash!


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