Thursday, April 4, 2013

Crashing the Cat Cliché

Petfinder has gone iconoclast on us - and we couldn't be happier. They're smashing that ridiculous stereotype that only crazy (read: single and older) ladies who wear sweaters, sensible shoes and thick-lensed glasses are cat owners.


At a time when "reputable" reporters are posting op-ed pieces that instruct the gentle reader on how to murder - yes, kill - your friendly neighborhood cat, this is sorely needed.

In Petfinder's words, "Cats far outnumber dogs in the US, but for too long cats have been seen as second-class pets — with a stigma attached to the people who live with and love them."

So they have embarked upon a campaign that brings cats and their 'cat parents' into the spotlight to unearth the truth:
cats are owned by genuine, funny, down-to-earth, inventive and diverse people.

Anyone can love a cat. And Petfinder has set out to prove it to you.

Join the crusade.

Hop on over to Petfinder's site and read about manly cat daddies like Animal Planet's Jackson Galaxy and the other parent behind Sebastian the Sensitive Soul's blog.

Come join us - and be a bit of an iconoclast yourself.


  1. This is great. I recently wrote about this for Examiner.

  2. Bravo. High 5. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Thank you so much for introducing us to Petfinders Site on huManly cat lovers xxx's

  4. Yay! Real men do love cats...and why shouldn't they?

  5. My cats want none of this "parent" stuff! I ask who gets the food out of the refrigerator?

  6. I am glad to see they fixed their HTML codes, in the original email they weren't working so I haven't posted about it yet. Hope to do so soon!

  7. Sparkle posted about this too, and she had a correction, which we loved. She pasted the word "Servant" over the word "Parent".

  8. My Daddy loves me, he'z a real man..MOL xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. Pawsome! Mom likes to see all da piccies of proud cat where can I order one...a real live cat daddy,not just a piccie of one? Mommy's Day is coming up y'know! MOL

  10. Well, except for the thick glasses, our human pretty much fits the stereotype. LOL. Though she's cool enough to have tattoos, if that helps offset that out-of-date profile! :-)

  11. "...that only crazy (read: single and older) ladies who wear sweaters, sensible shoes and thick-lensed glasses" Bludiel!!! Can you see through my screen? ;)

  12. about time!! Pawer To The Paws...ummm..."cat" paws...ahem, koff, koff...I got excited...sorry...luvluvluv the campaign

  13. Wow! What a great thing to knows! Mommy says pets is like peanuts, its hard to has just one and 2 is often easier to takes care of than one too!


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