Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Medical: 10 Most Dangerous Foods for Dogs

And these are equally dangerous for cats as well!

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If you'd like to read more about why avocados can be dangerous for your pet, click here.

For info on onions and garlic, read our October Monday Medical article here.


  1. Thanks for this. We knew about most for them but just added to our list.

    Onion and garlic are not an issue at our house as #1 can't eat them either, so there are none here!


  2. This is definitely a need-to-know for the health of both pets. Thanks for this useful post! Purrs, Miss Kitty

  3. When Whisky was a puppy, her best pal was Looppy (the bunny). Every morning before Mommy left for work, she would give Looppy AND Whisky a raisin or two each. And then there were also those raisin bread that they both loved. This was before she knew about the dangers of raisins. Thank goodness nothing awful happened to Whisky because it went on for 3 years!

    1. Our vet told mommy that not every dog is hurt by grapes and raisins. The trouble is, we can't predict which dog will be and the consequences (kidney failure) are so bad that it's best to just avoid giving all dogs grapes and raisins.

      Our dog Pinky actually gave herself a double whammy once when she helped herself to mommy's chocolate-covered raisins! I guess she's not sensitive because she's no worse for it (but we still don't give her grapes or raisins, MOL.)

    2. We saw at a local art fair a person selling homemade dog treats in her pet art booth - and when we read the ingredients, it had garlic in it. I winced!

      You *will* find it in some commercial treats as well, and there is argument about whether or not that's an okay thing. It has to do with amount, evidently.

      A little may not do harm, but since garlic powder is so concentrated, and garlic is a potent muscle relaxer (in studies, it inhibited the heart’s ability to contract properly).... we'll steer clear, thank you!

  4. Interesting info about the guatemalan avocadoes and toxicity. Is that because the others don't have as much persin?

  5. Wow avocado and macadamia nuts we had no idea about. Thanks for this post.
    Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. That's a brilliant post, Hope you had a wonderful Easter..Don't forget'z my pawty tomorrow xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. Wonderful post! I love it when we actually reach out to teach responsible animal parents. To tell you the truth, I had never heard about caffeine; and BoBo has it in his head that he would like it. Of course, I never give it to him.

    The KT Mom

  8. So basically it's the same as for cats except there are prolly many more that are toxic to us.

  9. Avacados! Macadamia Nuts! Me did not know those 2!
    Thanks yous!


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