Friday, August 16, 2013

Chewy Review: Wellness Turkey & Salmon Jerky Treats

AKA The Best Treats. EVER.
Just meowing.

Allow me to explain. Upon its arrival, I saw immediately that it was my journalistic responsibility to personally take the investigation of these treats firmly under paw and handle the taste testing myself.


All in the name of journalistic integrity, mind you.

"Me & my Wellness Jerky Treats." - Faraday

(Will someone please help Allie, she sounds like she's choking. But I digress.)

Step one: Mark the bag as mine. MINE.

Step two: Until the Opposable Thumb Kit arrives, (I won't go into the sad state of the USPS at this time, but suffice it to say I am Still Without) I required the help of my somewhat capable assistant - sometimes known as 'Mommy' - to open the bag.

She insisted on a cuddle first. Seriouslies?!?!

Step three: Sampling time.

Step four: Additional taste tests are required for serious consideration.

Step five: FIRE assistant. One treat does not an adequate sample make!

CONCLUSON:  These treats totally Rock the Casbah.

'Scuse me while I go con persuade Daddy to reopen the bag....

~ Faraday 

Addendum by the mom:

The reason I agreed to review these Wellness treats is because they contain very simple ingredients: Turkey, Salmon, Dried Chicory Root, Cultured Whey, Salt, Lecithin, Mixed Tocopherols (a natural preservative)

There are two ingredients in there you may not be familiar with: Dried Chicory Root, and Cultured Whey. Hopefully the info below will help you decide if it's something you're comfortable feeding to your pet.

According to Dr. Michael Haley of Beyond Organic, cultured whey "is an excellent 'nutrient dense' source of many vitamins and minerals, especially the electrolyte minerals, enzymes, organic acids, probiotics, and lactic acid."

And according to several natural pet websites, Chicory Root - a prebiotic - is believed to aid in healthy digestion in cats.

So basically, Faraday gives it four paws up for flavor and I'm pretty comfortable feeding it to him nutritionally. Win-win!

You can purchase this particular flavor of Wellness Jerky Treats at this link here.

Giveaway Time!

Take a look at the cool stuff you can score in Chewy's August Giveaway! Three winners will receive either a $50 gift certificate to, a $25 gift certificate to, or an August Treat Package from Winners will be chosen by, and the giveaway ends August 31st.

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Also, take a look at this fab offer:

*No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. A Tonk's Tail blog is not the host of this giveaway. Winners will be notified by and will not be announced in a separate post on this blog. graciously gave us the bag of treats to review but we were not compensated for writing this post. All opinions are our own.

Dr. Haley on Cultured Whey
Cat's Play website
Web MD


  1. It is just sooooo cool when yummy stuff arrives at your door!

    Thanks for the kind words and well wishes for our Dad, he is already doing so much better!

  2. That stuff looks good - if only you could have open access to it. Tell you what, send it over here and we'll see if we can open the packet for you, hehehehe.

  3. Rock the Casbah LOL that is a blast from the past but a good one. Sorry it was just a small tester. Maybe tonight you can locate the packet and finish them off. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Mommy ordered those treats online and had them sent to the hotel Daddy was staying in so he could bring them back after his meeting (it isn't available locally). And we LOVED them!

    Mommy says Daddy will have to bring a big luggage on his next trip to the US. Heehee.

  5. Those treats sound tasty... but we also loved the ones we got to try out!

  6. The dog has been eating Wellness Well-Bites for years. Super stinky, but he loves them and does tricks for them. They are very healthy treats, and that's why Mom keeps buying them. Now they have them for cats - meowza! Tatiana used to steal bites of Sushi's, now she doesn't have to share, I mean steal them anymore!

  7. OH. MY. CAT.

    We MUST have some of those! Sammin is our favorite thing. EVAR.

  8. Holy CAT!!! Over 1000 entries!!! ...I guess we're not the ONLY ones who would go to the end of the earth for salmon. ; )
    Sign us up! STAT!!!
    I'm going to go tell Waffles to rock his casbah. That oughta keep him busy for a while.
    ; )

  9. Those look really nommy and you gave them a very pawsome over 1000 entries -- that is more than I can count.

  10. Great review and what a pawsome giveaway!

  11. Oh we gotta get some of those treats!

  12. Thank you for listing out the ingredient list. This is really pretty good, and if we weren't actively dealing with Jack's urinary issue I might just give that a go for The Crew..

  13. Faraday...did you wanna lick your chops after eating that treat??? That is always a sure sign of a treat that passes a taste test...heh...heh


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