Monday, August 12, 2013

How much does it cost to own a dog?

We're so glad Bill Hennessey made this calculator. He told us the reason why was because...well, we'll let him tell it:

"I am involved in many pet advocacy groups and volunteer at the local animal shelter.

My main reason for creating this was while working at the shelters I found that many of people adopting the dogs had absolutely no idea what was involved with owning a dog and the long term costs of owning one.

It drove me crazy to see so many people bringing the dogs back after a month or two because they claimed they could not afford them or it was too much work. [So now we have this] calculator that configures yearly costs of owning a dog and calculates long term costs involved with owning a dog."

Kudos, Mr. Hennessey. We hope this helps many a potential pet owner get a feel for what they're getting into before they adopt.

(And if you want to view the online, interactive calculator that'll do the math for you, click here.


  1. We think people should think long and hard before adopting a pet. So sad that some take the adopted pets back. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. What a pawsome idea !
    I guess this calculator can work for cat´s too ?!
    Me and mom wish that many moore people think twice before they get a pet !

  3. It is a lot of money, isn't it? Cats do tend to cost less, but most underestimate the long term costs.

  4. Well dogs are A LOT of MONEY!!! But cats AREN'T LOL!!!!!!:-)

  5. So many people rush into having a pet, that is why so many need adopting xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. Well that explains why we are so poor!! :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  7. A young pet might have relatively few medical issues. But who is to know what, if any, medical issues the pet might have in it's older years? When bringing a pet home, one has to take that into account too.

  8. Kudos to Mr. hennessy for creating this calculator. It absolutely breaks our heart to see animals given up because their owners can't afford them. These things do happen, but people really need to think long and hard about the decision to adopt a pet. It's for life!

  9. We agree with Sparkle... where's the cat cost calculator? It's really a good idea to get people to think not just about what the shelter pet costs in adoption fees, but what the ongoing costs are going to be, too. Too many don't think it through.

  10. I've read stats that it costs up to $1000 a year to own a cat.

    I'm never a fan when people say that people should own pets no matter what their financial status.. I don't think being poor means you shouldn't have a pet, but if you can afford a pet you shouldn't have a pet.

    and on a flip side of that coin, if you can't rescue a kitty with out begging and pleading for funds every few days, than you need to reconsider how much rescuing you can reasonably do.

  11. We cost less. And we dont have ta be walked twice a day.

  12. I sometimes worry when shelters have "sales"--$9 for 9 days or something. Because I think: If a person can't come up with $125 for an adoption fee, what's going to happen when the animal gets sick? Or needs shots? Or must be fed? Etc.

    That picture of Faraday yesterday was so adorable my Human wanted to know if you'd like to trade him for me and a kitten to be named later? But I thought that was pretty mean of her.

  13. What a smart idea! I agree with Spitty - Rumblemum always feels sad when she sees 'sale' days at the shelter. It's a no-win situation I guess, if they don't have sales less pets get adopted, but if pets get adopted by humans that can't take proper care of them they stay at the shelters...

  14. We hear ya, Spitty and Rumbles. One can only hope that any shelters running reduced-adoption-fee events are still being diligent and strict with who they adopt to. We can't speak for others, but we know that PAWS does not relax the background checks and interviews during such events.

  15. What a good reality check! We know our Grete woofie was expensive...and according to mom and dad...worth it. Her adoption fee was $100...and people can think that a free or low cost adoption fee is all there is. Sheesh.

    This is good for baseline stuff, but we experienced a big expense when our sweet Grete had to have surgery for bilateral elbow displasia. Unexpected and pricey...and we are pretty sure she is grateful.




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