Friday, September 13, 2013

Review: Natural Balance Platefulls Pouches

Oh Platefulls, how do we love thee?  The Chicken & Giblets are simply Nomilicious! (and look, no waiting for Thanksgiving, either!)

We were given 3 pouches of this flavor by to try out

Natural Balance's Platefulls Pouches are one of the September products offered up for review by, so they sent us a few to try out. We boyz loved them!

Good to the last bite
(Well, okay technically, Maxwell loved the gravy and Faraday hogged the meat, but hey - between the two of them, they were very satisfied.)

This flavor does have whole peas and chunks of carrots in them, which probably brings up its glycemic index overall more than I'd really care for it to be.

But I do like the fact that the Chicken & Giblets is grain free and the boys like it.

I would absolutely love it if Maxwell would agree to give up his dry kibble (finally) for this. And I don't mind Faraday mixing it up with his raw food every once in a while - if only to keep him from getting bored.

Oh, and these store very nicely in our emergency kit for the cats, too.

Allie looks to see if the mailman has brought
anything else nommy. Too bad she's looking out
the BACK door. . .

Overall, if you haven't tried one of these Natural Balance flavors and are in the market for a grain free food to introduce to your cat - you may want to give this one a try!

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  1. Maxwell could eat no fat.
    Faraday could eat no lean.
    And so between them both, you see,
    They licked the platter clean.

    :) Got to love it when kitties clean the plate!

  2. LOL to the comment above. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. All of our kitties loved the Platefulls too!!!

  4. This could be a nice addition to the varied meals that Dad provides.
    He got Buddy of Kibble and that is in his blog

  5. This could be a nice addition to the varied meals that Dad provides.
    He got Buddy of Kibble and that is in his blog

  6. We love Connie's comment! Too funny!
    We've tried the Platefuls before and it's very yummy!

  7. vivement le retour du facteur!

  8. We have those to try out this weekend - how much you wanna bet everything gets eaten BUT the peas and carrots? That has happened before here.

  9. Thanks for reviewing this food. Fiona and Giulietta rarely eat any of their canned food and rely almost solely on dry food. Giulietta is getting so large it is hard for me to pick her up. I might look into trying this. Janet

  10. That looks really tasty! We wouldn't want that much vegetables, either, but the packets would be super-convenient in an emergency kit!

  11. Jo-Jo is a bottomless pit! Shes eats EVERYTHING! Mommy has had to put out 2 dishes of foods every morning and every night as she is a total glutton! Mes thinks she has hollow legs!

  12. What a neat review. We don't have this in the regular supermarket. In specialty store, yes, but way too expensive. I would love to try this though. I love gravy.


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