Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday's Shelter Sweetheart: Lawney

Have you met this handsome shy guy yet?

"Hi there! I'm Lawney, and I used to be a shy boy.

OK, maybe I'm still a little bit shy, but I'm doing better all the time. I'm sure you can understand why a guy like me might be a little shy. I'm just about to have my first birthday, and boy, has it been a wild year! I was born last March, and in October, someone left me on the doorstep in a box with a note. Wow, was that ever scary!

Now don't get me wrong, the people here are wonderful, but at first I was scared of everything. Well, sure. I was just a baby, and I just didn't know whether I could trust these guys or not. One thing they figured out pretty quickly about me is how much I like to play. Yep, show me a feather on a string and I forget how scared I am. Gotta get that feather!!!! And through play and lots of love from the people around here, I began to come out of my shell.

And then it happened! Every shelter cat's dream come true! I got adopted! Now, you would think the story would end there, but no. When I got to my new home, all my old fears came back. I found the first closet I could, and I just stayed in there. My adopter was very nice. She put my litter and food in the closet so I wouldn't have to leave. And she even came in to play with me.

She says I was very sweet and loving. But she was worried because I would not come out of the closet. So, she brought me back to the shelter. But don't you worry. I'm doing great here now! In fact, I was doing so well in my kennel that they promoted me to a Playroom! I get to live with other cats now and that has really helped me.

I see them enjoying people and I want to join in the fun, too. I get along with all the kitties in my room, and I'm much braver with people now, too! I don't run and hide from them any more. In fact, I come right up to them and ask for some petting or playtime.

I think I'm finally ready for my true forever home now. I hope it will be a quieter place because, let's face it, I'm probably never going to be the bravest kitty in the world. And I hope there is someone there with the love and patience to let me adjust to my new people and surroundings at my own pace.

It may take me a little longer than either of us expects, but I promise, if you give me some time to get to know you, I will soon be seeking you out for petting and playtime too! And then, the sky's the limit! Once I get past my initial shyness, I'll be the bestest friend you ever had. I promise!

So, that's my story. I'm only going to have one birthday wish when I blow out that candle on my first birthday cake--that I finally find my true forever home. Do you think maybe it could be with you?


Come meet this little fella! He's available for adoption today at Great Plains SPCA's Merriam Campus.

...okay, well maybe not today because the whole city's shut down thanks to a snowstorm, but he'll be waiting for you tomorrow, guaranteed! :-)



  1. Good luck sweet Lawney. Have a serene Sunday and get in some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Lawney seems like a real sweetheart. We are purring that he find a forever home soon that understands his need to have time to adjust to scary, new environments.

  3. Lawney I hope you get a new home soon and maybe with your buddy there too!

  4. Lawney sounds terrific. We have our paws crossed that he will find a perfect and patient forever home, where he is allowed to blossom and feel confident.

  5. What a lovely boy! His face reminds me so much of Eric.

  6. what a precious beautiful baby. Smoochies!


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