Monday, July 14, 2014

Extreme Makeover Check-In!

You may have heard that Allie is on a diet. She's determined to shed the pounds, and she's doing it in a healthy way.

(Wait. Okay, truth in advertising here: we're determined she'll shed the pounds. Allie kinda thinks free-feeding 24/7 would totally rock, but that's not going to happen.)

Allie's diet regimen includes delicius grain-free entrees from Purrfect Bistro.

She's under the supervision of her veterinarian who has given us a daily calorie intake goal, and she's eating a quality wet, grain-free food: Merrick Purrfect Bistro. In fact, Allie's entire new health-kick is being sponsored by Merrick, and we are very appreciative.
Monthly Weigh-in Time

So how is Allie's weight-loss progressing?


We've learned a lot in the past 4 weeks.

First, that Allie has her human brother wrapped around her paw, which means we suspect she got generous portions while we were in Texas!

Next, there are two different metabolism types to consider when a cat loses weight.

First, the cats who require maintenance calories. This is based on frame size - and what it takes to maintain an ideal weight for that frame. In Allie's case, 267 calories a day.

I thought that was a LOT -  in fact, I'm sure Allie's been eating less than this. But our vet wanted to begin here to get a baseline.

The result? As of July 1, Allie had gained 6/10 of a pound. Oops.

I did mention two metabolism types. The other: cats whose metabolisms are a bit slower. The ones our vet called (*delicate cough*) obese prone.

Yes, Allie's in that second group. So we switched her to 216 calories a day and may adjust downward, depending on how she does. Our vet ideally would like to see half a pound lost per week.

Hey, we're on track! Since we've been back from Texas, our girl has shed that 6/10 pound she's gained. Go #TeamAllie !!

...foreshadowing...? Allie looks a bit worried.
But wait! 
There's more!

With the inauguration of this new diet, we've taken pains to make sure Allie's meal time isn't crashed by a certain crazypants kitty. Faraday being, well, Faraday - you can understand our concern.

So when a few new flavors of Purrfect Bistro arrived on Saturday for Allie to try, I gave a bit to Faraday as a "stay out of the way" offering.

The Turkey Pate was a huge hit with both of them.
What I did not expect was what happened next:

Maxwell: Dood, whatcha eating?
Faraday: It's WET food, Maxie, so you won't LIKE it. Go 'way.

Is that a shocked look on Faraday's face?

Maxwell:  *nudge*shove*

Wait, maybe we should have said "disgusted."

Maxwell: *munch*nom*

This. Is. EPIC.

(Well,  okay, and a bit funny. Seriously? What a face, Maxie.)

: That's MY food, Maxie. Back OFF.

Faraday: That's IT. I'm going IN!

Maxwell: Wait....

I have been battling Maxwell's addiction to kibble for two years now. This was completely unexpected. And I'm almost giddy at the thought that FINALLY Max will eat wet food!!!

Allie:  "Should I hire a Brinks truck to guard my stash?"

Uh, yeah, Allie, you might.


FTC Disclosure: Our Extreme Feline Makeover series is sponsored by Merrick Pet Care, and we have received both food and a small fee to compensate us for each post. This covers the time it takes to take photos and write our progress reports. Every sponsored post on A Tonk's Tail will always reflect our honest and unbiased opinions. Merrick Pet Care is not responsible for the content of this article, and Grammy’s Pot Pie is not specifically formulated for weight management. This effort is part of an overall health and wellness regime for Allie. And a totally surprising and unexpected bonus for us: for Maxwell's health and wellness too! SCORE!


  1. Go #TeamAllie!!! Ivy will be rooting for you (and hoping mom doesn't get any ideas). As for Faraday and Maxwell....your mom is gonna have to invest in a second dish if this keeps up. :)

  2. well, that's just great. First, you found a good food for Maxwell... and Allie gets boxed out!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Paws up, Allie! Ashton is SO proud of you! You know, Ashton's CB calendar day was recently, and she got several comments on how much weight she lost since the photo for the calendar was taken last year. You can do it, too, Allie! And rock on with the canned food, too, Maxwell!

  5. That look on Faraday's face as his food was being stolen was totally priceless! Maxwell, I am so thrilled that you are eating wet is SO much better for you! And beautiful Allie, I am totally rooting for you sweet girl!

  6. Allie, yoo'll always have Pari....aaaa...PINK! Yoo'll always have PINK all to yoor selfie, unless it a wand toy. And by da way...didn't yoor mommy ever hear of water weight gain? Anyhew...yoo go girl! Maxie m'boy..what yoo doin' dood? Co-operating? *shakes head* But it IS much better for yoo. *shakes tiny pom-poms* Ra-Ra-Sis-Boom-Bah!

  7. That's great. Harry the Farm cat loves kibble too but I figure he balances it with lots of mousie brains

  8. We are so glad Allie is getting onto a wet food diet. We see so many giving kibble which has to contain things cats do not need just to make the pellets. We had a dickens of a time getting our big fellow off kibble but when it is done goodness it feels great.

  9. I couldn't get past the 216 calories. MOUSES! That's only 216 treats with each treat bein' just one calorie. Okay... I guess even I don't need that many treats. Maybe...

    Nissy #Niss4Senate

  10. That's super Allie. I know I feel so much better and have more energy now that I've lost a pound. One pound doesn't sound like much but it's a lot for a kitty.

  11. OH WOW oh WOW!!! Are these all pate type wet fuddles? Concatulations on the weight loss sweet girl and I LOVE the look on Maxie's face! EVERYone's faces!

  12. Doods!!! The look on your faces is classic!! But I'm with Nissy here. 216 calories? Allie I would insist in every single one of those calories being a treat!! xxx

  13. Wow, Mom is thinking she better order some of this. Giulietta and Fiona will barely touch wet food. Fiona is slim and trim. Giulietta tries to tell us her large appearance is all floof, but she's not fooling anyone. We will be watching these posts carefully and following Allie's progress. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  14. Sheesh, Mom. "I put this down for Faraday, and he shoved Faraday away". And what do you do? YOU shove Faraday away when he tried to eat what is rightfully his. No wonder he's disgusted. Tsk tsk tsk.

    1. MOL, the video was recorded *after* Faraday was given a new bowl, since a certain Siamese commandeered his!

    2. MOL, the video was recorded *after* Faraday was given a new bowl, since a certain Siamese commandeered his!

  15. Maybe try some kitty jogging to get the poundage off? That is some tasty food, so good job!

  16. faraday...ewe haza look on yur face all right but we wood knot call it dizgusted... ore shocked....uh...
    rhymes with....kissed....

    N it bee price less !!! ♥♥♥

  17. Wow good luck on your diet Allie! And that is awesome Maxwell! Looks super tasty. The looks on Faraday's face are absolutely hilarious MOL

  18. Congratulations to Allie! I know how hard dieting can be but it looks like you have a tasty alternative. I'm stuck with salads! MOL! The two pics of Faraday had me laughing...first it is shock and then I have to say a bit miffed! Too funny!

  19. It's a MIRACLE!!!

    Mommy wonders if Miss May Ling and Sultry Salem will be paring down on the new foodables at our house--due to The Bib's IBS.

  20. That is awesome! I do think those calorie requirements tend to be rather generous. Binga and Boodie both eat under 200 calories a day and they are 9-1/2 lbs. and 11 lbs. respectively.

  21. Whoohoo! Yay #TeamAllie! Keep it up, girlfuriend! And now we're #TeamMaxwell! Go Maxwell!

  22. Way to go, Allie! You are looking great! And Maxwell - so glad you've discovered you like we food! It's so yummy!

  23. Well yes, Allie has done good, but WAY TO GO MAX!! you eat that stuff tomorrow and I think your mom will buy stock in the company ;) (and I love that disgusted photo.. priceless)

  24. Well Allie maybe you have started a new trend in your house! Faraday you can give some pretty good crusties!

  25. OK WE ARE IMPRESSED!! Well done Maxwell. Yah boo sucks to Faraday (OK OK that was Silver sorry).

    Well done Miss Allie all that calorie stuff is complicated. We need to think ablut thiswith 9 in da house


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