Friday, November 7, 2014

Top 5 reasons I want #NeatoBestPetVacuum

by Maxwell Richman.

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What's a mancat like me talking about a *whispers* vacuum cleaner?

Well, first off, this isn't just ANY vacuum cleaner.
Which is why I want one.

Why I want a Neato Robot Vacuum
by Maxwell Richman

5.  Cool space-age technology. 
             Dood. Can you say lasers? BOOM.

The info Neato Robot Vacuums provided states the bot
laser-maps a room before vacuuming. We'd like to see that!
You do know our dad's a physicist, right? This is, like, geek-bait. For realz!

Neato says they use the same Smart Laser Guided Navigation technology as the Google driverless car. Oh, yeah. I'm so there.

Momma is more interested in the fact that C|NET, PC Guide and Financial Times all said this vacuum was "Best for Pets," fantastic at picking up pet hair.

Still. It's LASERS.

4. It's not big and scary
       You know, like the "other" VC the humans currently use in our home.

3. It's like, a power tool. Yanno?
         And what mancat doesn't like power tools?

Neato's Botvac 85.

Besides, Faraday says it's SQUARE, like me.
...uh, actually it's more like a rounded parallelogram
on the back end...

It does look like square would be better at getting into corners than round robot vacs, though.
What do you think?

2. It's not big and scary

Maxie, that can't be #2. You said that already.

I made him put that in twice.
Seriouslies, our vacuum tries to eat unsuspecting kitties.
It'll even find you under the bed.

Dood, the Neato Botvac goes under the bed, too.
But it's small. And flat. And NO cords. Or scary hoses.
It doesn't look like a mechanical snake out to get you.
Which brings me to...

1. It's like a hovercraft that cleans.
        Faraday would love the ride.

Faraday: chasing Allie around the house on this would be, like, soooo fun...!

(Well, okay, and Mommy says she'd feel less guilty, since Daddy does all the vacuuming. 
Which involves lugging our heavy upright up & down stairs. Which she HATES.)

Woot! Big News!

Word on the street is that Neato Robot Vacuums just might be giving one of these sweet rides vacuums away to a lucky reader in a week or two!

Watch for the Best for Pets Sweepstakes, where you could win a Botvac 85, their top of the line vacuum that's best for pet hair. We'll be announcing it here soon!




  1. We so want one of those. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Truffles: Um...I'm not sure what this says about Mommy's housecleaning but I've lived here over a year now and I'm not even sure what a VC is...

    Mommy: Sweetie, I use a sweeper. It doesn't make any nose. I do clean our home.

    1. Faraday: ya wanna know what's WEEEIRD? Maxwell lets Daddy vacuum him with the SHOP Vac. Talk about big and SCARY! Deaf kitties, go figure.

  3. Anything that can displace the evil big noisy VC is winners with me!

    1. Faraday: I seriously wanna RIDE on that thing!

  4. Wow, Mom would go crazy to have one of those. You can imagine how much hair eight cats can put out. She could even vacuum more often. Thanks for sharing. Maybe she'll ask for one from Santa. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. We like the fact that so many reviewers say it's really good at picking up the dust bunnies and furballs!

  5. You look good riding on that wacky parallelogram

    1. SEE Mommy? I need access to your plastic money card thingy. NOW. ~ Faraday

  6. This is one great review for the Neato VC!!!! We want to see you all going for a ride.

  7. That is pawsome! I like that it's not big and scary. One of my boys doesn't care about vacuum, but the other is so scared of it. Quiet vacuums will be really great. Also, it would be so much fun to ride it :-)

    1. We have heard it's not UBER quiet. But honestly, we three kitties have our dad and brother flying loud RC helicopters (drones) in the house and THEY're loud. But we're fascinated by them. We think it has more to do with the intimidation factor of the SIZE of our standard vacuums.

  8. Replies
    1. Reviewers say it's a bit louder than a few others (probably because Neato is more effective?). We aren't anticipating that the sound is such a big thing, since we kitties don't mind the loud noisy drones flying over our heads. The low profile appears to be much less scary than a big vacuum, which we think is going to make the difference.

  9. A HOVERCRAFT?????
    Uh, can I boldly go where no cat, er vacuum, has gone before???
    Like, can I chase down the Boss on it?
    Make it so.

  10. But does it pick up all your toys and scratchers before vacuuming? I've got so much stuff on the floor around her it would jam that thing up in no time. But I guess that's not a fault of the vacuum now is it?

  11. That would be cool to be taller than the vacuum! It wouldn't be so scary then!

  12. We also have a loud monster that our mom follows around the house. We hate him!!

  13. We are laughing, clapping, and wishing we had a Neato vacuum!

  14. We think that would make one fun cat toy. :)

  15. We would sure love one of those!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  16. We're not to sure about this. It looks highly suspicious to us kittehz. Mommy says we would probably break it, too. She says we could break a bag of rocks.
    Is that bad?

  17. It looks less scary than the big vacuum monster ! You look good riding the neato ! Purrs

  18. A furiend to my mom-person had to sell her robot cause her Norwegian forrest cat thought it was a toy and never let the robot re-charge it self :)


  19. That is so cool! We want Mom to get one so that we don't have to run from the scary sucky monster!


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