Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday's Shelter Sweetie:

"Hi there! My name is Kitykins and I'm quite the success story.

I can't really say exactly what happened before I got to Great Plains SPCA. I was in pretty bad shape though, very badly injured. Thank goodness the med team here is so awesome. They saved my life and put me all back together again!

Through it all, I've been a real trooper. Everyone here says what a brave kitty I am and what a joyful spirit I have."

"The bad times are behind me now and I'm feeling great! There's nothing but smooth sailing ahead. All I need now is to find someone who will sail away with me through this wonderful life. Someone who will spend time with me and share all this love I have inside. Someone who will keep me safe so I never have to worry about being lost and hurt again. And someone who needs a very best friend as much as I do.

Let's not wait any longer to find one another, okay? Please come down to Great Plains to meet me. I can't wait to begin our great new life together!


Kitykins is available at the Independence Campus of Great Plains SPCA.

 You have until 11:59 PM, Dec 2nd to enter. 


  1. He. is. a. love.

    He just makes my heart melt. I so wish that he finds a wonderful forever home for (or before!) the holidays. What an absolute darling. Purrs to him from my boys.

  2. Oh Kitykins what a sweetie you are! We are glad you are feeling better and hope that an amazing forever home will come forward for you.

  3. What a cutie. I want to take him home.


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