Friday, December 19, 2014

A Hanukkah Visit to Great Plains SPCA

A few weeks ago a discussion was held behind closed doors.
Pet bloggers got together and planned.
This, in itself, might be cause for some worry, except...

They came up with a Very Good Idea.

The Plan:
This holiday season, we would all give back to our local shelters, and share that experience with you. And perhaps, in the process, make a few cats very happy, and give our local shelters some much-needed exposure at this busy time of year.

Summer over at led the charge, and came up with a Santa Kitty Toy Hop where all could participate. She designed a great logo and is hosting the blog hop on her site at this link here.

Since we observe a different holiday this time of year, we might have changed things up just a bit. (We apologize profusely for what Faraday did to your logo, Summer...)


Maxwell, Faraday & Allie supervised the toy selection as well as treats and food.

Then I loaded up the car and headed over to Great Plains SPCA to spread a little holiday cheer.

Here's the Loot, Part 1:

And here's Part 2:

Oliver was out roaming, and he helped style the shots so they looked their best (good job, dude!).

He was an absolute sweetheart and clearly loved on by the staff and volunteers.
It's beyond me why a cat this gorgeous, friendly and loving is still waiting for a forever family!

And then I took a few of the toys around so the kitties could sample and give us a paws up/down:

First up was Zee. This personable girl gave us two paws WAY up on the green sparkle ball!

Next, we visited this gorgeous orange tabby girl (yes, girl!) Jazzi. Did you know most orange kitties are boys? She's a rare one, and oh so sweet!

She felt the red sparkle ball best suited her coloring.
As for Katie? She selected a grey mousie to guard, while watching the snow-covered yard through her window.

These are just a few of the eligible felines awaiting their forever homes at the Merriam Campus of Great Plains SPCA.

And, although we couldn't make it out there this trip, the twenty five FIV+ kitties awaiting their new families at Great Plains' Independence campus need a special shout out.

Please consider adopting one of these very deserving cats. They don't deserve the bad rap FIV+ has been given over the years. A recent five-year study by Maddie's Fund found not one single cat rooming with an FIV+ cat contracted the disease.

And guys, this disease is not that big a deal! As long as a cat receives regular annual preventive care - the kind of care any responsible pet owner should be providing their cats anyway - there is no reason an FIV+ cat can't live an equally long, healthy and happy life.

This is especially important where we live, in Kansas. Did you know Kansas is the last holdout, the only state in the union that forbids the adoption of FIV+ cats into homes? This is why all of Great Plains' FIV+ cats are at their Independence campus, on the Missouri side.

Please help us spread the word that people need not fear letting one of these special cats into their hearts and homes!

Wishing all of the cats at Great Plains SPCA a home for the holidays.

And wishing you all a most wonderful Season of Lights.



  1. what a wonderful gift to all those kitties....are we hope for wonderful homes for ALL of them :)

  2. How kind and we so hope they all find forever homes soon. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Fantastic! Well done YOU! I am also thrilled to see Chanukah (no matter how we spell it) being acknowledged!! I am sure the kitties were ecstatic!

  4. That is just wonderful. Such a fabulous Holiday idea. Those kitties looking for forever homes are beauties.

  5. oh my, I think you have more snow than we do!

    So there is day one and two covered.. what's happening for the other six crazy nights? :) I love what you did to Summer's graphic, and I bet she does too.

  6. What a wonderful posting and we know the kitties all loved the extra special treats and toys they got.

  7. What a great gift you got for shelter kitties! Yay for them to get to sample before Christmas :-)
    I didn't know Kansas forbids adoption of FIV + kitties. Thank you for spreading the word. They do deserve loving forever homes of their own.
    Happy Friday!

  8. What a Happy Hanukkah for all of those special kitties. I would take them all but the male person stops me. He is NO FUN AT ALL.

  9. Oh I just LOVE Hanukkah Harry!!! Looks like those special little angels just loved their prezzies. Thank you so much for your generosity.

  10. I LOVE the Hannukah Harry graphic! And I love what you did for the Great Plains SCPA kitties even more! Make sure you stop by and add your link to the blog hop before the end of the day!

  11. What a wonderful thing to share. Happy holidays. ♥

  12. Our mommy and daddy just returned home from delivering our Santa Kitty Toy Hop goodies. We'll be posting about it on Monday. What great photos you got of the those needing homes. We are afraid we didn't do as good a job. And your holiday greeting card is super meowvolous. Wishing you all a Happy Hanukkah! Ho, ho, ho, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  13. Wonderful gift ! We're glad to be part of the ..... Holidays Kitty Toy Hop too ! Purrs

  14. I bet all those kitties LOVE their new toys!

  15. I can see how much those kitties loved the great package you brought for them. I hope they soon get their forever homes.

  16. Let me tells yous Hanukkah Harry Rocks! And yous guys did a grrreat job! What wonderful kitties there too!
    Me is totally impressed!

  17. Wow, you guys made those kitties very happy.

  18. Hannukah Harry - that's cute! The kitties were very lucky to get so many treats and toys from you. Those sparkle balls are my personal favorite.

  19. We LOVE Hannukah Harry!!! ...but even more, we love your generosity and those beautiful kitty faces of the Great Plains SPCA. This is what the season of giving is all about.

  20. I think that Hannukah Harry is very cute !
    You sure did make those kitties furry HAPPY :)


  21. Sweet! Hanukkah Harry is sweet! And sharing with other kitties who need homes is extra sweet.
    Eight days of lights AND gifts? Great idea--especially for those needy cats!

  22. Great gifts! What gorgeous kitties! Happy Holidays to you all too!

  23. That pic of Katie is gorgeous! What pawsome gifts for these kitties. Hope their next gift will be a forever home.

  24. The kitties at Great Plains SPCA thank you for the Hanukkah gifts! There are two older girls at GPSPCA, Josie and Faith who can only have wet food. They LOVE the Natural Balance Platefulls you donated. Our Mama is a volunteer there and has helped feed them the last couple nights. She gave them some other canned food first. They wouldn't eat it but as soon as she gave them the Platefulls they gobbled it down. I think our Mama should buy some of that for us! Oh, and Oliver and Zee were adopted today. It was a very good day at GPSPCA! Hope you have a very Happy Hanukkah! - Gus, Pearl and Jaq

  25. What awesome kitties they are and what wonderful gifts you brought them, such a fabulous post! Wishing all of the kitties safe, loving forever homes where they are all adored.

  26. What an amazing idea!


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