Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday's Shelter Sweetie: Jazzi

"You know how Jazz can make you feel excited and mellow all at the same time? I can't be sure if that is where my name came from, but I sort of like to think my personality has a bit of that mix too."

"Being a young lady, there is still that playful and curious nature in me that pops out quite often - that is the exciting part.

Those cat toys with a human on the other end are pretty irresistible, and those catnip mice, oh, my, what could I say to describe how much they can get me going?

Then, the mellow side slides in, with all the quiet, lovey and smooth pets and purrs. I have relaxation down pat and ready to practice in my very own new family.

It would be so wonderful if you came to see what kind of harmony we can create together.

If we come up with melodies that please us both, we can easily arrange to play our own private home club every day.

Let's get in tune soon, okay?

Purrs, Jazzi"

 Jazzi is available at the Merriam Campus of Great Plains SPCA today!


  1. A what a cutie <3 <3 <3
    Sure hope that Jazzi will find her foreverhome real soon !!


  2. What a beautiful orange girl!
    Sending many hopeful purrs.

  3. What a sweetheart Jazzi is, purrs for her finding an amazing forever home!


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