Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Wild Pursuit for a Wild Mancat #feedthepursuit

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If there ever was a kitty who walked on the wild side…it would have to be Faraday.

Whether he’s tearing through the house, taking mad leaps of athletic prowess or endlessly tormenting Allie, anyone who knows him knows he’s one wild man!

Faraday, unleashing his inner beastie.
So when Natural Balance asked us if we knew a cat who might be interested in reviewing their new Wild Pursuit line of cat food, some kitty quickly raised his paw. (yeah, we know, big surprise there #amiright?)

As a daily eater of Natural Balance’s Platefulls wet foods, Faraday was all for it. Especially when he heard this food “satisfies your pet’s ancestral cravings.”

Faraday would like to remind you about his Great Uncle Mortimer. Remember last April's interview?
As the human with Veto Power in the house and, I might point out, the one with the opposable thumbs, I wanted to look at the ingredients list first. There are 5 different Natural Balance Wild Pursuit flavor profiles: two fish, two fowl, and one with beef, buffalo and venison.

For investigative purposes, I grabbed the Chicken, Turkey and Quail formula. The top 6 ingredients were home runs for me: Chicken, Chicken broth, Chicken liver, Brewer’s yeast, Turkey, Quail. Hello! Can you say Obligate Carnivore?

Natural Balance describes their Wild Pursuit offering as “a high protein formula with a balanced blend of three premium protein sources...closely resembling the diet they would have eaten in the wild”. Having grown up in the Texas countryside where both barn cats and quail were plentiful, I can totally corroborate the quail part. In the cat world, quail is “Good Eats!”

To be honest, though, I may have been most excited about its texture: all 5 cans are paté. Is your home like ours? I cannot get any cat to touch wet food if it’s not in paté form. (Okay, with the exception of Natural Balance’s Platefulls pouches, which are about the size of a moist treat. Any other format – e.g. shredded, diced, chunks – is utterly rejected by all three.)

Faraday: "Blah, blah, blah. Enough talk. Bring on the noms, Mommy!
Okay, moment of truth: did it pass the taste test?

The Great White Hunter spies his prey!
Seriously Nomilicious! 'Scuse me while I dig in....

I’d say that was the look of one satisfied customer.

You can buy Natural Balance Wild Pursuit for both dogs and cats (and hey, there are even treats for you pups out there!) online at retailers such as and, or at your local Petco now and PetSmart starting in August.
For more information on Natural Balance Wild Pursuit Pet Food click this link here.


  1. My human is a little bummed that they are still putting carageenan in this line. She was hoping she could finally add something new to our menu.

  2. You make a perfect spokescat ...I mean spokeslion. ROAR

  3. Truffles is the exact same way...pate or bust! We definitely need to give this a try because her regular food has been getting the stink eye lately too!

  4. Excellent review! We are looking for new foodables and will try this out.

  5. My kitties like this brand, but they haven't tried this one yet. Cute photos of your "wild beast" :)

  6. We are big fans of Natural Balance. I'm glad that it satisfies the wild side of Faraday!

  7. Faraday we are just the opposite, we won't touch any pate food! Mom has tried and tried again. WE always turn our noses up gently. We are sure glad you enjoyed your noms!

  8. I am not sure if the Farm cats have tried this or not. They are odd beasts in regards to their food. I think they do it to drive me crazy.

  9. dood...yur unka looks a lot like my dad N gram paw....pork chop o cat N pork roast o cat....

    yur unka's last names iz knot o cat by any chance iz it....

    tell mort ta look at me postz frum dadz dayz past N him mite...just mite...see a familee reesemblance !!! ♥♥

    like how kewl wood thiz bee if we had de same famillee tree...

    SPRUCE !!! :)

    butter lover boomer o cat ~~~~ =^..^=

  10. Great review ! That food sounds yummy ! Purrs

  11. Faraday, you are one wild dude, for sure. We're really picky here, so our Mom and Dad don't like to change things up, for fear that we'll go on a hunger strike!

  12. That does look yummy! I love that the first 6 ingredients are actually species appropriate. Yay for Natural Balance!
    -Purrs from your friends at

  13. I'm sure my cats would eat it. They eat anything! Love your press hat!

  14. We hadn't looked into that line yet. The three of us like to eat pate food, but the head peep has a bias toward recognizable food. Humans are silly. Food is for eating, not looking at.

  15. We is sending our mom bean to PetSmart in August to see if this stuff comes to Canada. It sounds furry yummy!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku
    (hey mom, when is August?)

  16. Oh! Yummy! Except mes a shreeded extra gravy kind of grrl!

  17. I like all kinds of gooshy foods, pate, chunks, with gravy. Yum.

  18. We're gonna try this food for sure!

  19. Looks like the brave hunter likes his meal. Paté is best. Who want's to eat chunky stuff?!

  20. You are a fantastic spokescat! We only like Pate too, even Abbe MOL! Mom is going to try some for us next time she goes to the store. Thanks Faraday!

  21. either that is an awful lot of brewer's yeast or there isn't very much quail in there..

    Nice to see them eating it.. I have yet to unpack mine.


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