Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Belated BlogPaws Wrap-up

Now that all the excitement from our inaugural launch of the Tonk's Tail B&B has died down a bit, we've decided maybe we should hang up our shingle for a while.

At least until Maxwell gets a better business plan figured out.
Seriouslies, Maxie. 
Raiding my Bonito Flake stash for pillow garnishes? 
That's just WRONG.

It was a wild ride there for a week, with visitors from Minnesota guesting in the Green Room...

Waffles: Uh, Boss?I thought they said there'd be CHICKENS.

While visitors from Colorado hung out in the Blue Room.
(and in Faraday's bed, too - but we digress...)

Faraday: DOOD! That's my BED! (well, uh, not the PINK one.)

In between occupancies, our mom hitched a ride in a caravan with the Colorado and Minnesota peeps (and ferrets and cats) all the way to Nashville for the BlogPaws conference.
They went by way of the Saint Louis Arch!

Waffles and Katie made themselves at home, with Waff deciding everything on the bathroom counter was a play toy (what self-respecting kitty wouldn't, we wanna know?).

After 4 days of lounging in the lap of luxury, KFC and Kitty Cocktails, they headed back for a return visit the the B&B, bearing what our mom called "swag"!!

Some of it our mom was incredibly selfish about and refused to share, like these coolio chocolate kisses from Julie and Ashton and Newton and Pierre at Sometimes Cats Herd You.

She also refused to share these pens - which honestly didn't taste very nommy, so we three decided she could have them. Especially since we saw what came next....

TOYS, loads and tons of pawesome kitteh toys - the best swag ever! And they all came from our friends and fellow bloggers, the most generous group of people around!

Look at all the cool stuffs!!!
We're totally throwing our mom under the bus if we've forgotten to thank you for your thoughtful and kind generosity. Blame her. For realz!

Thank you to our wonderful friends we hooked up with at BlogPaws, and if you haven't yet discovered their blogs, what are you waiting for? Seriouslies!

It was wonderful to see all our dear friends and we want those of you who were unable to make it to know that you were missed!!

Here's to good friends, and to "next times"!


  1. Some day I hope to meet all of you! So glad you had such a wonderful time :)

  2. I had the BEST time at BlogPaws! I hope that one day I can hang out at your B&B (and that maybe you will have the chicken thing worked out by then).

  3. Mebbe yer customers dint know what "B&B stood fer... We mean, it COULD have meant "Bats & Babbons" and that sounds scarey.

  4. umm - about that weird cat in your bed..... MOL

  5. That Waffles is a character. There were some fun presents from friends for sure. But I know the Farm cats missed me and I'm sure the B&B cats missed their human too..

  6. Hi All, So happy you liked all your goodies, but you might want to edit your post so that Mom Julie, Ashton, Pierre and Newton (Sometimes Cats Herd You) won't have their feelings hurt. Y'all had quite an adventure with all the house guests. Mom was so happy to get to see Mom Lisa at BP but would have liked to spend a bit more time with her. Enjoy all your swag. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. We told our mom about that this morning - and she was fixing it (on her phone - ha - like THAT works) at about the same time you posted this! Great minds!

  7. Gosh! We sure have enjoyed all the pictures of BlogPaws that everyone was posting and your B&B looks like it was a winner! Next year, maybe mes can goes!

  8. I'm so glad that you had a great time. Do not even think about us NOT getting together next year. You are one person that I wanted to spend time with and it was an epic fail!

  9. OH we loved all the photos! We are so glad you had such a good time.

  10. It looks like you had great time ! Thank you for sharing with us ! Purrs

  11. guys...manee thanx for sharin....we noe everee one had FUN !! de swag frum blogpaws & all yur palz iz mega havin 98 birthdayz when yur birthdayz like all reddy over ore haz knot gotten heer yet !!!

    N talk a bout a burd free view...just look at de arch !! ♥♥♥

  12. Our Mommy was so excited to meet your Mom! She had a blast at BlogPaws and can't wait for next year. It sounds like it was exciting at your house with all of your visitors. Too bad for waffles there wasn't a chicken there. MOL

  13. Bailie, Mom, and I had a great time. We did see one car on the way home that came from BlogPaws and we followed them part of the way to the arch. Mom wanted to go to the arch, but decided she had no clue how to get there from the highway, so we just watched it as we passed.

  14. The head peep really enjoyed seeing everyone at BlogPaws, and she can't wait until the next time that the cat bloggers get together again.

    But Faraday.... what's up with you and the pink bed? And the funny cat in there?

  15. The mom had such a great time with all the other humans. She's sad that it's over already...and can't wait for next time!

  16. Oh, MY!! What fun you all had, together...
    Glad you all enjoyed the return of the peeps and the loot - aka swag!

  17. Looks like you had a very busy and entertaining week.


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