Saturday, July 18, 2015

Scout's Big Adventure

Faraday's Nip Turtle: So, uh, Scout, dood. I hear your humans accidentally left you behind while visiting...

Scout: Yeah, your humans said they'd ship me back this weekend, but until then - well, I'm named Scout for a reason, you know. I think I'll just scout things out around here.

Faraday's Nip Turtle: Actually, I really can't relate.
Faraday never bothered to name me. He just chews.

Faraday's Nip Turtle: And uh, about that. You ever been around cats before?
Scout: No, not really.
Faraday's Nip Turtle: Ohhhh you poor thing....

Scout: They can't be all that bad....
 Scout: Hey, bird watching from the mantle's cool, Faraday!

: Seriouslies, I was just wondering if there's any nip ready to harvest in the garden, so I could stuff you with it.
Scout: B-b-but I don't have a nip pouch....

Faraday: (distracted tone) Oh not to worry, I have claws... Hmmm, is that branch ready to harvest...?
Scout: Oh gee, lookatthetimegottago.....
 Allie: I have my eye on you, little turtle. I'd sleep with one eye open, if I were you.
Scout: *gulp* What a...good idea...(wobbly smile) Th-thanks....I think...

Allie: Mitts off my scratcher, Shell-Boy. Or I'll be having Turtle Soup for dinner!
Scout: (weak laugh) Uhhhh....we're not kosher, you know...

Faraday: Don't come crying to me for protection. Try the Bleeding Heart Pushover Kitty. And get off my lounger, there's only room for one up here!

 Scout: *clears throat*   Uhm, Mister Bleeding Heart Pushover Cat, I presume?

Maxwell: *sigh* Faraday sent you, didn't he.
Scout: Uh...maybe?

Safety, at last!

Scout: So, uh, hey Maxwell - what do you do all day on this thing anyway? Just lounge around?

 ...... pregnant pause.....    long-suffering look......

Maxwell: Are you sure you're not kosher?

Faraday's Nip Turtle: I warned you...
Scout: I think I'm ready to go back to Brian and Amy now.

Really. Now would be good....



  1. Poor Scout. I hope you have a safe trip home

  2. Scout did you make it safely out of the house?

  3. MOL ! Poor Scout ! We wish you a safe travel home ! Purrs

  4. MOL! That was great!! I don't think Scout will be wanting to visit again any time soon.

  5. ROFL!!!!!! This IS an high risk household!!!

  6. Very cute- I am glad you found a safe spot :)

  7. Scout better be glad he's not around her because Truffle would whap him and then take him off to her secret hiding place, never to be found again.

  8. What a great story!!! Mes hopes that Allie gets to "taste" him to bits!!! Rock on Grrl Furrend!

  9. MOL! Poor Scout! You're gonna go pack yourself up!

  10. Thanks fur a great giggle session!! MOL!

    Sorry we have been rather absent of late, the meowmy was working long hours and then all the chores caught up to her...and pawppy and her went out even...the nerve!

  11. What a fun, funny sweet turtle tale! Love it!


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