Sunday, July 19, 2015

You Forgot, Didn't You.

Faraday celebrates his birthday #birthdayFAIL #catbirthday #tonkinesecats

 Seriouslies, Mommy. A Pop Tart is not a Birfday Cake.

And you didn't even toast it.

(Uhm, I'm sorry.... Good thing the nice vet emailed to wish you a happy birthday....)

*GASP!* The EBIL V-E-T remembered and you didn't?!?!?

Maxwell: Dood, that's harsh.
Faraday: But wait. There's more.

Birthday gift fail? Uh, yes. Regifting not allowed!

She stuck a bow on an old toy and tried to pass it off as my gift.

Old toy, missing a leg. NOT a good birthday gift #birthdayFail #cathumor @tonkstail

Maxwell: Uh, it's missing a leg....
Faraday: You see? You see what's happening here? I hit 5 and I get marginalized.

I think this is Age Discrimination.

Finally. Proper birthday gifts

At least Aunt Connie remembered me.

Allie examines birthday gift

Allie: And it looks like she's got your number, too, Brat.

Just calling it how I see it. Faraday's a brat #spoiledbrat pet gift tag



  1. Ut oh...........we think she owes you BIG TIME!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. We can't quite believe we're reading this correctly. Your mom forgot your birthday and the only way she "remembered" was that you got a happy birthday card in the mail from your VET? Seriously? And then she "gave you" an old, beat up toy?

    We feel faint.

    And it's not (just) the heat and lack of air conditioning.

    We recommend planning some serious revenge, Faraday.

    Well, WE'RE wishing you a very happy birthday! Try to have a great time, in spite of your human.

    Nicki & Derry

  3. Happy Birthday Faraday!! Hope at least someone breaks out some treats.

  4. Well, we sure hope she makes up for totally forgetting such an important birthday milestone like turning 5! She even works for a place that's whole purpose is to celebrate events like birthdays right? Sheesh!

    1. Okay, maybe she should be forgiven because we were so shocked by your mom's forgetting that we forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday too! Sorry. :)

  5. Happy 5th Birthday Faraday. I'm sorry your mom's birthday presents were sub-standard this year. I can understand not having a cake, but trying to pass off an old toy as as a gift is pretty bad. Couldn't she have found a new paper bag or a box to give you? Or aren't there any new toys tucked away in a drawer just waiting for a special your BIRTHDAY.... to be given to you? The day is still young and maybe your mom will get it together before the day is done. Hopefully you can enjoy a nice sunpuddle, some bird t.v., and maybe even some playtime with Allie and Maxwell.

  6. Happy 5th Birthday, Faraday. Put the bitey on your mom! But wait. Maybe she really is going to surprise you later! Don't mess that chance up.

  7. No one even tries to pretend to remember my birthday with a pop tart and an old toy. I think I should be pleased that she at least tried... Happy Birthday!

  8. I can have your pop tart if you don't want it? Hope you had a great day in spite of your assistant forgetting your Gotcha Day!

  9. Happy Birthday Faraday! A pop tart and an old toy? what is she thinking! She could at least have marinated the toy in nip first.

  10. Happy 5th. birthday Faraday. You are still very young and you're must be a great kitty. Siamese are so clever. Looks like Maxwell is a Siamese too. You both seem to be Blue Points. Am I correct? I am a Seal Point and sis is a Flame Point. Now, if your mom went all cheap on you, never fear you can always get back at her. You know the toy that's missing a leg...well find that leg...I know you or Maxwell hid it for later use...probably Maxwell. Well, take that leg and put it on her pillow at night. It's a warning like in, "The Godfather." You're guaranteed a new toy right away. MOL

    Your friend

    Canadian Cats

  11. Bad cat mommy! Mum is good with remembering things. Plus it is in the list on her phone. Only 345 days to my purrthday!

  12. That is truly unforgivable, Faraday. Tell you what... I have a kitty vacancy at my house and you would be appreciated here!!!

  13. Our mom forgot Minchie's birthday this week too, so we feel your pain. She had already posted then saw on the CB it was his birthday, so she added a lame used birthday picture of him.

  14. Happy 5th Birthday Mistur Faraday!
    Yur fotoss' are are a hansum mankat...
    Bet yur Mumma feels a bit sheepish ;)
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xXx

  15. I am glad your Auntie remembered. An untoasted , unbuttered pop-tart is unacceptable.

  16. Happy birthday, Faraday. That pop tart is the worst, even worser than the toy. Hooray for your auntie! Even if the tag IS a bit insulting.

  17. Uh oh. Mommy is in BIG trouble, huh? We bet that pop tart was some cruddy flavor, too, 'cuz they don't make like tuna or chicken flavored ones. We sure hope she makes it up to you somehow, Faraday.

    Happy birthday, dood. We lubs you lots, and hope you had a special day.

    Hugs and headbonks,

    Moosey, Gracie and Zoe

  18. Happy 5th birthday! I am pretty sure that the sprinkle Pop-Tarts are all the rage in New York and Paris this birthday season...♥

  19. SHocking! It happened to Quill too! Happy Birthday to you pal!!!

  20. Oh no! That's so wrong. She better give you the treats to make up for it. Happy Birthday, Faraday!

  21. Happy Birthday Dear Faraday! We think you may need to put the nose bitey on because of these atrocities! Your gift from Aunt Connie is cute!

  22. Happy Birthday, bud! I hope you make her pay all week long for forgetting

  23. Happy, happy birthday, handsome Faraday! I'm not quite sure what to think about your mom forgetting. I hope she plans to make it up to you!

  24. Wow, how can ANY human forget a kitty birthday? I thought that was against the law! It says so in Sparkle's notes!!

  25. Didnt light the candle either (but that may be a good safety thing).

  26. She could have given you one of those bacon/sausage filled breakfast pastries...way yummier than a pop tart!

    OMC! Furgot your spawsial day...sigh...peeps are so unreliable, ask us how we know.........

  27. OMC ! How could she forget your BIG 5 ??
    I sure hope she will make up for this HUGE mistake !!

    Happy Happy 5th Birthday , Faraday !


  28. oh yes, so totally were birthday presents for Faraday.. yup, that's the ticket. They weren't things to make Faraday's mom smile.. nope.. birthday gifts for Faraday.. yup yup yup!

  29. Faraday I think you have some serious charges to hold over your Mom's head. Make it count!
    Happy birthday (belated)!!!

  30. We know what it's like. Mom has forgotten too many of our birthdays to count. In her defense, she always feels so badly afterwards, we get a really great present. Your mom really sucks giving you used toys as gifts. We think some type of retaliation is in order. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  31. Aw, we're late too! So sorry! But we hope you had a good day, even if it started with an old toy and a poptart.. Happy birthday!!

  32. Happy Birthday Faraday! Our Mum forgets ours all the time, her excuse is we get top of the range chow and toys every day..... Sheeesh!!


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