Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Maxwell Holmes & the Great Fruit Juice Felony #spon

When last we left our Siamese Sherlock, he had just "hung his shingle".
His new enterprise: Maxwell Holmes Investigations.
We join our sleuth mid- , uh, sleuthing.

Maxwell: *humming to himself* doop-dee-doo-dee-do ....

Maxwell:  Hrm ....

Faraday: Maxie, what are you doing in the refrigerator?
(And if you score some salmon, save me some!)

Maxwell: Don't bother me now, boy. Can't you see I'm working?

Faraday: Working on WHAT? Stealing noms from the fridge? Lemme see.
Seriously, Maxie. I didn't think you had it in you.

Maxwell: NO, I'm on a case right now.  Don't you think of anything else?
Faraday:  Yes. Wand toys ....

Maxwell: Off the chair, bro. I need to figure out how to install my new Vimtag Mini Cube security camera in here so I can gather evidence for my big case.

Faraday: WHAT big case?!?

Maxwell: Momma suspects someone is committing Fruit Juice Felony.

Faraday: Fruit Juice WHAT-ery?
Maxwell: Felony. Swigging RIGHT outta the container. Evidently that's a big no-no for humans.
Faraday: I hate to be the one to point it out to the techno-kitty and all, but how do you propose to power the camera, inside this thing?

Maxwell: Hrm, you have a point. Maybe I can hide one among the onions on top ....

Maxwell: Yeah ...that's the ticket. The suspect will never, uh, suspect.

Cut to close-up shot of Vimtag Mini Cube:

Allie: Oh Maxie. Honestly, don't you think you're taking this sleuthing a bit too far?

Maxwell: And why do you care, Allie, hmmm? Are you perhaps in CAHOOTS with the Perp?

Maxwell: Well, ARE you?

Allie: I don't have to dignify that with an answer!
*flounces off*

Will Maxwell ever find out whodunit?
Will the Vimtag Mini Cube record incriminating evidence?
What fee will Maxie charge for his services?

These answers, and more, below:

Faraday: oooooh, somekitty's in trouble now. How'd you get that footage, Maxie?

Maxwell: Elementary, my dear Faraday.

I suspected Allie was an accomplice, and as she'd seen me place the Vimtag Mini Cube on top of the refrigerator, I deduced she would signal the "All Clear" to the Perp if I removed it.

It's so small, she never noticed I had moved it to the countertop. And its black coloring allowed it to blend right in.

As they say in my line of work ... Case Closed!

Now, Momma ... About my fee ....

Faraday: WAIT, Maxie. Waaaaaitaminit! This is some pawesome blackmail material.

Let me just write up a list with our demands ....



FCC Disclaimer: While this is a review and we were compensated for the time it took to photograph and tell you about the Vimtag Fujikam, we giggled all the way through the creation of this. We hope you had fun, too. All opinions are our own. 
And YES. Marty really WAS caught swigging from the carton. 
Shameful. Truly shameful.


  1. Allie looks very nervous with that tail twitching.
    Maxwell, you are a smart sleuth. And you are the most adorable kitty!

  2. Superb.... Maxwell Holmes, you're a star Detective and no mistake, and the power behind that lovely new Vimtag device. I have some missing mice I need finding, OK technically I haven't actually found them first to have them be missing, but I think you're the right dude for the job. purrs from admiring Princess, ERin

  3. Brilliant.
    Those little cameras are devastating sly and sadly can outwit a slurping perp.

  4. Oh my gosh! That's just wonderful! Is the perp in handcuffs now? MOL

  5. MOL! Although I have to say, it's pretty obvious who the perp would be - I mean, it's such a male human thing to do!

  6. Well Max, looks like your camera worked!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  7. Whoa dude. You gots some serious sleuthing skills. I think you're worth your weight in...in...bonito flakes!

  8. Love, love, LOVE this post. I don't know how you got all those pictures just right - with three cats no less - but our last photo shoot required an entire bag of treats and yielded me 50 worthless pictures :) Maxwell's quite the sweetheart <3

  9. You kitties are awesome! The only thing that could be better would be if you were dogs! Love this!

  10. That was quite the "cold" case, but by golly you solved it!

  11. You know Allie, if you had sat a little closer to the camera we wouldn't have been able to see anything!

  12. guys...yur dad iz sooooooooooooooooo busted....we loved thiz post ☺☺☺☺☺☺

    N yea....sum onez DAD owez sum one... sum SALMON...BIG TIME.....ore thiz
    goes two de a ten shun oh:

    MOM ~~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  13. What I want to know is what happened when he was presented with the evidence?

  14. What I want to know is what happened when he was presented with the evidence?

  15. Pawsome ! Well done, Maxwell ! Purrs

  16. Maxwell, based on this brilliant piece of work, I am sure your new business is going to do very very well. And those Vimtag people should put you on tv!!

  17. Wowee!! We giggled so loud the peeps had to come and take a look why,MOL! Bwahahahaha!!
    Who knew...then again, well, go figure!

  18. Excellent sleuthing, Maxwell Holmes! You caught that perp red-handed! :)

  19. Oh Allie....trying to protect her daddy


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