Monday, June 6, 2016

National Gardening Exercise Day

Maxwell: DOOD. You gotta come see this to believe it.

Faraday: It better be worth it, Maxie. I'm in the middle of a baff right now.

Maxwell:  Oh, believe me. It's worth it ....

Somekitty's taking Gardening Exercise Day a little too seriously.



  1. I always enjoy how you use the photos to tell a story. Once again, A Tonk's Tale has made me smile!

  2. my stars girl, best... action..... shot..... ever~~~~~

    please run some for me will you and thanx
    with hugs from dai$y whose trapped indoors
    next to hog boy boomer ~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥


  3. Is it even legal to have cat and exercise in the same sentence? A real running cat it seems!

  4. That is a great action shot! Gardening is exercise according to my wonky knees. LOL!

  5. Allie! We hope you are not running way from something too scary.

    Jogging is a good way to use up energy...but...we like to just walk/stroll through things at a leisurely pace, MOL!!
    Esp Pipo:)
    He's our big-boy!

  6. Harry is out in the garden every day pouncing on gophers - does that count?

  7. Allie obviously has places to go....

  8. Wow, go Allie! We can almost see the blur lines behind you, you're moving so fast!

  9. What a great action shot. Apparently the boys don't think Allie and exercise go together very often!

  10. Are you going to catch a mouse Allie? 😉

  11. Dude, it's how we girls keep our trim figures and ninja like reactions for mousing! purrs ERin

  12. Wooohooo Go girlfirend!!

    *wild cheers *

    Miranda Kitten


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