Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thursday's Purrs: MacGyver

"I know what you are thinking, a cat named MacGyver, well he is just going to be really good at getting in and out of things! There may be a bit of truth to that. You see, I plan to use all the tools I can find to get into your heart!

I have to admit, though, I'd prefer to climb into a loving lap and get some chin scratches rather than try to make something out of duct tape and baling wire.

(Seriously, that tape can really stick to a mancat's fur!)"

"I'm super sweet, affectionate, I have lived and do well with kids, but I do prefer a home without dogs. Purrsonality-wise, I'm a leader of the band, which means I do everything in a BIG way.

If you have stuff around the house to do, count me in to help (hey, I wasn't named MacGyver for nothing, you know)."

"I can help entertain, but I'm equally happy spending a quiet night at home. Save your lap for me please! I am quite confidant, and can be independent at times, but my loving side just always seems to shine through.

I would love the chance to meet you in person, so please come on down! I know that once you see all the love in my eyes you will know that I am your purrfect match!


MacGyver's available at Allie's Alma Mater, Wayside Waifs.



  1. MacGyver looks just the guy every home and princess should have. Hope you find that home soon! purrs ERin

  2. MacGyver is a sharp looking guy and hopefully his forever home is just around the corner.


    PS Happy Meezer Colour Day from 2 other meezers MOL

    Canadian Cats

  3. Who can resist a MacGyver? We hope his future family falls in love with him soon!

  4. Hi MacGyver! You are a handsome fella, and look a little like our foster cat Mimi! We hope both of you find long homes very soon! Purrs from the Squeedunk gang!


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