Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Something NOT on a Stick Day

Remember this from Monday's post?

And this?

Well shortly after that, we saw something on Facebook.
And had to try it out.

We present:
Squirrel vs Slinky.
Mano a ... uh... Springo.

(Note: no squirrels were harmed in the making of this movie.)
(and he figured it out within 15 minutes.)

This premium channel just keeps getting better and better.




  1. bwahahaha...nice try. though it does up the level of difficulty

  2. guyz....burd a side.... even we cracked up at de trampoline line ! ☺☺☺

    tell yur dad ta put de same size tubing round that pole but
    tubing that bee ...we dunno how ta eggz plane it

    itz like made outta a lew an air duct vent tunnel

    de vizshuz squirrel will knot haz nothin ta grab hold of then
    N him shuld knot bee abe bull ta leep in de feeder ♥♥

  3. We tried to be nice and feed the birds one year and the squirrels made it impossible! They are sneaky little devils. ☺

  4. Your squirrels are extra cheeky! I remember the post months ago with the squirrel taunting one of you (I think Maxie?). I must confess, I sort of envy the squirrel his play time with the slinky :)

  5. Poor little guy! I'm happy to see how quickly he overcame the obstacle :)

  6. That's one show we don't get. Definitely a premium station.

  7. Is that a pay per view channel? :)

  8. Squirrels are smart, and persistent. I'm sure you had a fantastic time watching him.

  9. Dang. That's one smart and persistent squirrel!

  10. Squirrels are great problem solvers! And smart too.Sometimes you can almost see/hear them thinking through an issue, MOL!
    Clever too, that you get to watch them up close!

  11. You kitties have to stop taunting me with the squirrel pics!

  12. How funny to watch that squirrel figure out how to help himself. They are not dumb, are they!

  13. okay, the bird comments were a riot. I was half expecting the squirrel to unhook the slinky from the pole and throw it to the ground.


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