Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday's Purrs: LaFonda

"Hello, and welcome to my little hideaway, here at KC Pet Project. They said I could hang out here until my humans and I made our love connection."

"Have you seen them anywhere? I'm hoping they swing by soon. I'd love to get our relationship started off on the right paw - today, even!

I'm a snowshoe girl with one stunning blue eye and a gorgeous mottled green one. Heterochromia, I hear that's called!

I'm a ten year old girl, just hitting her stride in adulthood. That means all that silly kitten-headedness is all behind me. But not the fun! Plus, I'm as sweet as sweet can be. At least that's what the nice volunteers here tell me.

All I know is that I love hanging out with people, and they seem to love hanging out with me. Win-win!

So here I am, waiting for The One (or Ones) to come and get me. Won't you please pass this along to my humans when you see them?

Thanks tons!

Gorgeous Miss L is available today at the Main Campus of KC Pet Project.



  1. What a beautiful girl. I do hope and pray you find your furrever home very soon. <3

  2. LaFonda, you are a stunning girl!

  3. she is adorable....we bet she gets adopted in no time

  4. I bet they're headed your way right this very minute!!! You sure are a stunner.

  5. What a beautiful girl who will make her lucky family very happy!

    The Chans

  6. Our Mom said if you were closer we might be getting a sister!
    You are a beauty inside and out ♥
    Winston kitty and Miss Emily

  7. Sheesh, did you have to be that far away from here??


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