Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thursday's (Superhero) Purrs

"We hear superheroes are all the rage these days - with characters like Captain America and Doctor Strange coming out with their own movies and everything." 

"We prefer to think of ourselves as the more behind-the-scenes, mild-mannered heroes. But hey, it's nice to know our brethren (and wonder women...and wonder womencats) are so appreciated!

"Yup, we're just two superkitties keepin' it on the DL, doing our heroic thing at times when no one's the wiser.

You know, like handing out purrs of comfort when needed. Maybe even a headbutt or a few well-placed biscuits. Those kind of subtle superhero actions we cats are known for."

"It's okay if our heroics go unremarked for the most part. After all, we have to protect our secret identities and stuff.

But you see, we're in need of a new secret lair. Our old one - well, you'll understand if we need to keep some superhero info hush-hush and all - right?"

"Might you have a home we could call ours? We promise to always fight for truth, justice and catnip. Cross our paws.

Yours in disguise,

Mr. Wonderful and Mr. Fantastic"

Have you checked out the latest superhero movie this summer?
Take a look - you can learn all about these mild-mannered, larger than life felines right here:

These super cats are both available at the Main Campus of KC Pet Project. Come meet these guys today!



  1. Mr. Fantastic and Mr. Wonderful are so sweet...they remind us of Raz! We hope they find the purrfect furever home soon!!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Oh, they are just darling! Cannot imagine that those two love bug-superheroes will stay too long!

  3. I hope someone snatches up these adorable superheroes! What a cute bonded pair with the perfect names.

  4. Everybody needs a superhero and these two look purr-fect for the job!

  5. doodz....N ewe both R sooooper handsum....R ewe brotherz ore just shelter best palz...

    we send double de best fishez that ewe both get adopted two gether, N yur chillaxin in yur new home bye dadz day !!! how kewl wood that bee.... heerz 984 pawz crossed times two that yur for everz wishez come troo ~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  6. Looks at those cute, white toes. I hope you both find super homes soon.

  7. I hope these sweeties get forever homes soon.

  8. Mr. Wonderful and Mr. Fantastic, you two certainly are super. We will share about you on Twitter, and hope it helps you find your forever home!

  9. All paws crossed that they find that wonderful home.

    The Chans

  10. Great names, I'm sure they will pull someone right in


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