Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Special Gifts to Last All Winter

This Chanukah, we kitties received a very special gift.
Katie, Waffles & Glogirly gave us a Cat Lady Box for a holiday treat!

It came with so many supercool things, and we took really lovely photos of it all ...

But somekitty (yes, we're looking at you, Maxie) got a bit handy with his paws and decided that mom's SD card from her camera was a way cool hockey puck (she spent half an hour Christmas night scouring the house to find it with no luck yet).

So ... we will post the full contents of this pawesome gift later.

You can get a little taste today, though, starting with The Guilty Party, hanging out in his new box.

Maxwell really hit it off with Mitchell the Moose, as you can see. The two have been found frequenting the box the gifts came in, just hanging out together.
(we're sure it has nothing to do with all the catnip inside)

Maxwell: But wait, what's this? Something that involves wiring and electricity?

Faraday (from off screen): Maxie, they're CAT lights. Not a tool.

Yes, indeed! A string of lights in the shape of little golden cat heads!

Maxwell: Yes, but are they wired in series or parallel? I'll just have myself a look, here ....

Allie: (also from off screen) Don't mess with my new decor, Maxie. I wouldn't want to have to hurt you or anything.

Maxwell: (inspecting wire -- and ignoring Allie)
Hmmm, let's see, now. This wire goes here,  and that one ....

Maxwell: Yup, looking good over here. Mitchell agrees.

And you stood it up on end so nicely too, dood....

But seriously. 
The battery pack isn't really the main attraction. 
At least for most people.

#yeahitreallyhappened  ;-)

Stay tuned for more photos of the cool stuff inside this box ...
as soon as Maxie divulges where he hid that SD card ....



  1. Oh, no, Maxie, you didn't! The head peep loves your human's gorgeous menorah collection. Is there still room for you to get up there and knock stuff down with all those menorahs?

  2. The holiday CatLadyBox was amazing!!! What a sweet gift. Maxie, what a little troublemaker you are!

  3. How special! Maxie, Lexy likes your idea 9f how to properly use a box.

  4. Oh boy! If any of us took the camera SD card, there would be big trouble! Mom usually plugs her camera into the pc because she doesn't like taking the card in and out which is a good thing I guess.

  5. Max! How could you think the SD card is a toy?! That is something Boodie would do!

    That was so sweet of Glogirly to give you a Cat Lady Box!

  6. Looks like a darn fun bunch of goodies!

  7. Maxie you are one clever kitty and that is one THOUGHTFUL gift! LOVE those lights AND the moose! catchatwithcarenandcody

  8. Maxwell...DON'T TELL! Make her find it for herself; that's a good kitty!

  9. Your stuff looks grate and your Hanukkah decorations look good too!

  10. That Catlady box was cool. I love your menorah display.

  11. That is a great box of goodies. I love your menorah collection too.

  12. Those cats lights are really cool! Maxie, we don’t blame you for wanting to play with them.

  13. Looks like a comfy box. And the cat lights are adorable.
    p.s. I vote they're in series.

  14. That's an awesome CatLady Box. Those lights! Good luck finding that SD card!

  15. What a pawsome box ! The cat lights are adorable ! Purrs

  16. That is a great gift, and the cat lights are so cute. You are a very thorough electrical engineer, Maxie.

  17. Maxwell! I had no idea you were a licensed electrician. Katie's got some cords that need repair, if you know what I mean.

  18. What a super cool Hanukkah gift. That Glogirly is awesome

  19. If I had known you liked mooses, I would have invited you to come visit.. there are lots of mooses up here

  20. Oh, my, I thought you were going to pull an Angel-Minko trick and chew those wires, then it wouldn't matter if they were in line or parallel! MOL!


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