Wednesday, June 6, 2018

AWOL Tell-All

Allie: I'm taking over the blog today for my Tell-All Memoir.
You see, my humans went AWOL recently to go flitting around.

At least they left us with our Aunt Jen -- who very kindly photo journaled my plight for me.

I must admit there were a few bright moments, just hanging around with someone who gets me like Aunt Jen....

But Maxwell was a complete slob the entire weekend. Honestly, he never left his lounger....

And of course, Aunt Jen kindly documented this Incriminating Evidence, so that I could properly report The Brat's infractions while they were away.

Exhibit A: Casualty #1, The Lamp.

Exhibit B: He's behind me, isn't he?

Why yes, yes he was.
Faraday: Seriouslies, Aunt Jen!  whose side are you on anyways?!?

(Exhibit C: Disgruntled Cat, caught in the act)

And what about the Guilty Parties? 
Where were they?

Somewhere around 6,500 feet, over Oklahoma. Or maybe it was Texas....

(but at least the Dad gave the Mom a pretty cool shirt. Can you see what it says?)

We'll consider forgiving them ... after many Bonito flakes, and much wand toy play!



  1. Someone is going to have to explain the shirt to me. Aunt Jen seems like the purrfect cat-sitter, Allie! Hope you scored those flakes and play!

  2. flied de plane huh !!! way kewl ~~~~~~~~~ :) glad they had safe travelz; glad they hada grate time; N de lamp did not werk anyway !!!♥♥

  3. that new shirt is AWESOME!! poor Aunt Jen - subjected to those boys :)

  4. Wow! Now that *was* an adventure for your peeps...wait till they get will tell them MEOW!!

  5. You kitties should have flown along!

  6. Ya deserve a LOT of bonito flakes!

  7. That tee is awesome!!! But yeah, you guys earned those bonito flakes.

  8. Wonderful shirt. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Mum says the little plane she took flying lessons in was 4 Xray November.

  9. That is a great shirt. Glad you had fun with your Auntie.

  10. We love that new shirt! And Allie, yes ... bonito flakes. LOTS of bonito flakes.

  11. That's a fantastic shirt! And Maxwell, you're so handsome, even when you're just lounging in your lounger in the sun. You look a little bit like a koala with your gray furs and jet-black nose. But cuter, oh, so much cuter.

  12. Are your people allowed to go off and have a great time without you?

    It does sound like your Aunt Jen is a bit of a treasure, though!

    The Chans

  13. We have never had a cat-sitter, but that one seemed pretty cool!

  14. Such big wide eyes you have, Allie. Very cool that your Mom was flying the plane. Why don't they take you cats along?


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