Friday, June 8, 2018

Feline Fisticuffs? Ease away with Feliway #sponsored

Allie: Mother-r-r-r! Faraday's pestering me. Again.

If he doesn't cease and desist immediately, I'll have to act...with extreme prejudice.

 Faraday: Seriouslies, Allie?  You an' what army? Huh?

Allie: Don't even tempt me boy, I would mop the floor with your little—
The Mom: ALLIE. Inside voice, please!
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Has this ever happened in your home?
Our three are constantly bickering.
And while Allie would have you think Faraday is a sullen, bratty little bully, Faraday swears he's the innocent, wronged victim.

Faraday: An' what about Maxie? He pounces on me alla times wifout provocations! Seeeeriouslies.
Maxwell: Dood. No jury would convict me.

 Uh, dood....we have photographic evidence...

As much fun as these cat conversations are, sibling friction can be a major issue—especially if the status quo in the home gets shaken up a bit.

Around our house that's happened recently with the deadline for my next book. Add to that several week-long visits from our west coast family, and you have enough disruptions to seriously mess with a cat's sense of security and stability.
When the folks who make FELIWAY® first contacted me to ask if I might like to share about the benefits of their feline pheromone based calming products, I was absolutely interested. 

I've experienced the benefits of their calming products many times over the years and have a huge respect for the important role they can play in de-stressing stressful situations. These moments can occur anywhere: in the home, at the vet. Possibly most important of all is the positive role they can play in a shelter situation, where a FELIWAY® product can help calm stressed cats awaiting adoption.

You see, FELIWAY® mimics a form of cat communication, specifically the way cats communicate through messages that are released into the air. These messages can help a cat feel less tense and more secure, less stressed and more comfortable.

They're called pheromones.

One product in particular is targeted to sending "harmony messages" by mimicking a special appeasing pheromone.  This helps to maintain social bonds between cats of all ages.

It's called FELIWAY® MultiCat, and it's been clinically proven to help reduce signs of tension and conflict between cats...even if they've been getting on each other's nerves for years.
(yes, I'm looking at you, Faraday)

Faraday - aka the Guilty Party - examines the goods
Faraday - aka the Guilty Party - examines the goods

The 30 day starter kit comes with one diffuser and a 30-day reservoir that screws into the diffuser plug-in. As the cats love to hang out in the kitchen area and sun themselves by the back windows, I've plugged it in here. 
The diffuser will cover up to 700 square feet of space, so depending on how large your area is and where your cats hang out most, you may need more than one in order for it to be most effective.

Maxwell - aka Guilty Party #2 - supervises the installation
Maxwell - aka Guilty Party #2 - supervises the installation

And, as Maxie's so helpfully demonstrating, it works best if the diffuser is not blocked behind a piece of furniture or under a cabinet or shelf. Ours has plenty of room to diffuse into the air without obstruction.

Maxwell: It passes inspection, Momma. Now let's get Faraday over here to sniff up some of these calming phero-thingys....

Ears forward, tail high. One confident, happy kitty.
Ears forward, tail high. One confident, happy kitty.

Faraday: You'd better hang out here awhile too, Maxie. Just meowin'....

We've had positive experiences with FELIWAY products before—we'll share one with you next month with a photo-essay tell-all!
We're just now beginning our journey with FELIWAY® MultiCat, but we are confident that very soon we'll be seeing less of this...

Less smacky-paws...
Less smacky-paws...

...and more of this.

and more snuggle-buddies.
and more snuggle-buddies

FELIWAY® MultiCat is available through your veterinarian. 
To find a FELIWAY vet near you, visit or shop online through authorized retailers like Amazon, and HealthyPets, Inc.

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  1. we don't have a ton of conflict here (thank goodness) but it would be lovely if there was a shelter program or something.... :)

  2. Great review! Thanks! We, uh, are having similar issues here lately, too. And wishes Feliway made a calming collar (Mom refuses to use the collars or anything from Sargent brand and other brands don't seem to work). We've used the Feliway diffusers before but they got so hot, she was afraid they would eventually catch fire. We hope that's been solved because she says she needs to give them a try again.

  3. We've heard good things about using these kinds of things. Our kitties just do their own thing and are never really around each other, so we are all good. Hope it settles you all down a bit.

  4. Angel Minko used to be somewhat aggressive towards Pipo, though they did do a lot of brofurly snuggles. We use the pheromone stuff for vet trips with good results.

    1. So have we! We love the Feliway wipes for that! We clip it to the vents in the car with a clothespin after wiping things down.

  5. We've had pawsitive experiences wif Feliway too!

  6. We are so lucky everyone here basically gets along. Except when Binga gets moody, but that's not often, and nobody really gets bent out of shape.

  7. It's good that the Feliway helps you all get your mellow on.

  8. We have tried Feliway here but tehthejury is still out. Possibly, the house is too large and too open-plan for it to work properly.

    But we LOVE that first photo, Allie!

    The Chans

  9. TBT uses Felliway here. We don't know exactly what it does, but we think we arent supposed to. We do know that if we start getting a bit hissy, and notice TBT plugs that bottle into the wall in the TV room, we feel happier around each other soon.

  10. We use Feliway at our house. Luckily for us, Gracie and Ava seem to be pretty nice to each other. :)

  11. I've used Feliway some time ago. It somehow helped cats, but I'm not sure if it can be a solutions for all the behavioural problems. It's good as an add I think. Have you tried the Feliway collar? One of my cat is totally afraid to use it, but the other two are ok with it. And I think it works better than the diffuser ;)

    1. Uhm, two out of three kitties (staring at the boycats) refuse to wear collars, so we prefer the diffuser in our house. It works nicely though!


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