Monday, April 1, 2019

Cat Massage, anyone?

Faraday: Hey, Maxie! Check it out! Allie's got a temp job, moonlighting as a meow-sseuse!

 *whispers* I hear they've given her the deep tissue appointments, on account of her being such a heavyweight an' all.

Maxwell: Heavyweight?

Faraday: Yeah, you know...a chunky monkey an' stuffs. With her walking up and down your back, it oughtta be considered extra deep tissue!


Feel free to just scroll down for the details. We've pasted them below:

April Fool!


  1. Great! Have you seen the one from REI?

  2. Good one, but our Mom gets these crazy massages for free at home from our own felines.

  3. OMFP (Oh my fluff paws)! You really had me going there. Tee hee hee. Dad gets massages each month by a human, but I bet his back would feel better if he had a meow-sseuse, instead. Winks.

  4. Well, maybe not a deep tissue, but I am super good on giving mum's boobities a nice massage.

  5. Aww, I figured you were fooling!


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