Monday, July 1, 2019

Epic Box Battle # 549

Allie: I want in your box, Maxie.
Maxwell: Not gonna happen.

Allie: You've been in there for hours, Maxie. It's my turn!
Maxwell: Don't make me break out The Paw on you. Cuz I will.

Maxwell: See this, Allie? See this massive paw? It's gonna take you down.


Allie: Oh, you did not just do that, Maxie.
Maxwell: I did. And you'd better back off, before I whip out my ninja moves on you.

*cue kitty ninja noises* (we'd print them but we have no idea what they might be)

Maxwell: Better back off, Allie. I can do this all day.

Maxwell: I'm not kidding, Allie. Back off.

Maxwell: Uh, Allie? Call Momma, will you?

...I think I'm stuck.

* * *


  1. Maxie, you might be in a world of hurt if Allie decides to take advantage!

  2. You were right to defend your box ownership, Maxie. Nothing more impawtant.

  3. You sure do have the moves Maxie but that last one may need a little work

  4. Uh oh, the box is swallowing you up, Maxie. It's good Allie is there, 'cause she might end up being your rescuer! Winks.

  5. You have amazing moves, Maxwell, but better not getting stuck in that box with an angry Allie around ! Purrs

  6. Maxwell, is that called the "Reverse Spin Paw Whack". We like your moves but now mom has to help to get you unstuck. Too funny. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day and remember to always share.
    World of Animals

  7. I think your mom needs to get another box.

  8. MOL! I think Max is outpaced.

  9. We think you guys need another box.

  10. MOL! Poor Maxie...I think Allie must be giggling in her paw...
    Hope you got unstuck, so you could continue to stake your claim in your Maxie-way...


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