Sunday, June 10, 2012

Meezer Colors Day

Since Mommy still claims her hair is on fire (pfft! WE don't smell any hair burning...) we've managed to pound this out on the keyboard ourselves.
Not a bad job if I do say so myself *modest look*

 Me? I'm a platinum mink Tonkinese (that's a breed created by crossing Siamese with Burmese).

I have the same coloring as Nellie of The Cat From Hell: frosty grey points on my mask, ears, paws and tail. And the Tonk "platinum" name came from the high sheen of my coat.

Maxwell's a blue point Siamese with fuller, darker gray points. Where my nose and paw pads are a dusky pink (kind of like the color of an eraser, Mommy says), Maxie's are dark grey.

Nellie claims us lilac or platinum colored kitties are "artistes" - beautiful theatrical and melodramatic.

uh, yeah. I think Momma calls that being a Prima Donna. Or when you do something you shouldn't...a Spoiled Brat.

 *slaps paw over Maxie's mouth*
AAAAAND that concludes our Tour of Meezer Colors Day!
*glares at Max*


Quick Update:

Sebastian of Sebastian the Sensitive Soul is at the emergency vet with a diganosis of diabetic ketoacidosis.

Please visit his page and let him know he's in your thoughts and prayers.

His mom's eyes are leaking right now....


  1. A great meezer color's post. I was forgotten by my human on that day. I think it's rude.

  2. May Ling: I think you are BOTH verreh handsome!


  3. Great Meezer post !
    I missed it too and it´s all my mom´s fault as usually !
    Will jump over to Sebastian right away and (((purr )))

  4. Its nice ta see colors that look more like MINE! ~ Iza

  5. Oh no! I am very concerned about Sebastian - I will zip over to his blog right now. Please keep us posted!

  6. WE sure hope that Sebastian is all right. We love your colors and we are also enjoying learning all the different colors of the Meezers. Great pictures.

  7. Pawsome Meezer colors post! We don't know Sebastian, but we're going over to check on him.

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  8. Yay Meezer colors! Yall is purrty. Fanks for tha update on Sebbie. Mommy hadta nap after tha Safari and we is now catchin ups. We wented rite away to say hi and send lotsa purrs and purrayers.
    Sanjee, Georgey mah duk, and tha resta tha Hotties

  9. Faraday - you and Maxie are both very handsome! I will hope over to Sebastian's blog to send him some love!

  10. You both have great meezer colors! We are purring for Sebastian and hope he will be okay.

  11. Youse guys is all fancy. Me, I'm black!

    I'll head over to leave some purrs now.

  12. Me thinks wes would make a really cool matched set with one of yous on each side! Me can sees it now....

  13. Love Faraday with paw on keyboard! Cool Cat!
    Best wishes Molly


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