Thursday, June 28, 2012

Write a Post, Feed a Dog!

As the family SpokesCat for shelter animals, I am excited to announce our participation in Pedigree's "Write a Post, Help a Dog" Blog Hop! This year marks the third year in a row that Pedigree has committed to donate a 17 pound bag of food for every blog that participates by writing about their commitment to helping homeless dogs find forever homes.

Pedigree understand that over 4 million dogs are made homeless each year, and they want to help. So in December of 2011, they entered into partmership with Rescue Bank, a national food distribution network, to help bring food to hungry shelter dogs in America.

How can you help? Easy!
Just write a blog post telling everyone about Pedigree's program, and a 17 pound bag will be donated to needy pups. 

Here's how to participate:  

  1. Write a blog post mentioning Pedigree's commitment to helping homeless dogs find loving forever families.
  2. Next, link your blog post to the Pedigree Blog Hop.
  3. Then feel free to browse through all the great posts already participating - and be sure to enter yourself into the giveaways that some of the bloggers are hosting.
  4. Have fun, and feel good about the fact you have done something to help! 

Many thanks to Pedigree for their generosity in partnering with Rescue Bank to feed hungry shelter dogs nationwide!


  1. Kitties feeding doggies - what's this world coming to? ;-)

    1. FaRADaY: *embarrassed look* you...don't think anyone NOTICED, do you??? I has a repuTAtion to uphold yanno!

    2. Maxwell: Faraday, DOOD! You gotz doggie FRIENDS, so don't pull that Kittehs ROOL thing on us, MOL!

  2. Well done and have a lovely day!
    Best wishes Molly


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