Friday, June 8, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion

We thought if we gave Mommy a little screen time, she might consent to carve out a bit more Opposable Thumb time for us!

Uh, we told Mommy we'd promote her video.
I'm just doing it cuz I'm the Good Boy. Faraday's doing it cuz he wants her to tweet for him.

(oh please tweet for him! Do you know how many bad knock-knock jokes he knows?!? A bored Faraday is a Very Bad Thing.)

If you're bored - or if you just have a minute of free time to go watch a fun video by those wild and wacky Shoebox artists, then click below and give it a big thumbs up! Voting ends today.

(Gratuitous photo of Allie doing her morning Tai-Chi)


  1. Allie doing her tai chi , funny and sweet little feel good video of the artists!
    Best wishes Molly

  2. We laughed with Allie doing Tai Chi!

  3. Allie is just so adorable!!!

  4. The video is fabulous (as is Allie)! hope you win an award!

  5. Me thinks your Mommy works at a pawsome place! Me LOVED ite!
    And Kozmo really enjoyed the gratuitous photo of Allie doing her morning Tai-Chi. He says he would loves to do exercises with her!

  6. Allie should have been in the video …. ok Maxwell and Faraday will not agree lol

  7. The video was super-sweet. But I was secretly hoping there'd some kind of mean little twist because, you know, Shoebox and all has some attitude!

    Allie, ma petite chou, You are ADORABLE!

  8. Allie..what's with the pink toes???? Not sure if you had a mani/pedi or what??? but lookin' good!


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