Thursday, June 7, 2012


Someone at the shelter where Mom volunteers posted this video yesterday.

We had to clap our paws over our ears when she saw it (well, okay me 'n' Allie at least) cuz she squealed so loud.

Do your peeps think it's super cute too?

Click on the image to view the video:

Breaking News:

Mommy says her hair is on fire (which we'd like to point out is a Complete Fabrication, cuz we woulda sniffed that out right away!).

But she claims it's caused by some Big Deal at W-O-R-K. So we may have limited use of her Opposable Thumbs over the next few weeks...for things like surfing blogs and replying to posts.

She has kindly scheduled posts for us while she is away, and she promises to check in when she can.

We're gonna be lonely while she's Otherwise Occupied, please come visit us! We promise to read your comments even though we may not be able to strong-arm...err, -paw her into responding for the next few weeks.


  1. That is THE sweetest little surprise in the world! My mom squeeeed too. What precious babies.

  2. OMC! Our mom gasped and then laughed...Holy crow, that was off the scale in terms of cute!

    Good luck to your mom re: work. Our mom understands!

  3. Just a pile of cute little sleeping kittens, right? WRONG! :)
    Mommy wants to kiss those pink little toesies!

  4. OMC... That video is too cute... I mean. I just want to hug all of them.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. OMC - that was adorable!!! Mom always wonders - how to they sleep like that?? MOL

    Tell your mom that our mom agrees: work sucks! :)

  6. OMC that is cute! I'm gonna have to strong arm my human in to getting her butt back to the shelter. She hasn't been in a little while...

  7. Very cute video and we will visit for sure.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. That IS super cute. Who would have guessed there was another little one beneath all those others! purrs

  9. OMG I laughed out loud...who knew there was a kitty under that pile - LOL!!! and the juicy pink paw pads were almost too much to handle :-)

  10. We saw that on Facebook the other day. That silly kit under there!

  11. It'a a kitty surprise!!!! We love that video!!

    Ohhhh we understand about your Mom being busy and tell her not to worry. We are going through the same problem!

    With Mom's ongoing lithotripsies, my human step sister getting married in almost a WEEK (Gasp!!) and BlogPaws...Mom is ready to tear her hair out!

  12. luvluvluv the video...and I TOTALLY understand not having the staff around to do the posts etc. Mine is off again for another 'get-a-way" until MOnday, so Mom has attempted to schedule my posts, which I channeled to her yesterday...but who knows???

  13. A few squeees and squawks from here. Guys, tell your mom to get out of the backdraft! xox

  14. Yeah, our mummy does that too. You give her some extra cuddles, that usually works on our mummy.


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