Friday, October 19, 2012

"Fun Finds" Friday

This is a random gathering of pet-related things we thought you might find interesting. 
(Okay, and a lot of it is from Mommy's snoop time on Pinterest!)

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Calling all you fashionistas! Today's Fun Find is an entire online store filled with designer inspired dog toys.

You can buy your pampered pooch everything from Jimmy Choos Chews to their very own Kate Spade Spayed pink purse. (Allie is soooo there!)

And of course, what else would pooches use to buy these fine items but - you got it - their very own credit card!

We found these for around $10 each at Michi Pet online pet boutique. 
Excuse me, I have to go hide my purse from Allie....


  1. They are well cool. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. OMC - I want those only for cats!!

  3. Kate Spayed. MOL!
    We think that credit card needs to have a picture of a kitty on it!

  4. I, too, wish there was something cool like that for cats!

  5. I love that Barkingdales name, that is so cute!

  6. Those are pretty cool toys. Makes us wish we were doggies...just for a second though. ;)

  7. Does Carrie Bradshaw shop there? Those look like her shoes.

  8. Hey FaRaDaY, Hey Maxwell, Hey Allie, Jet here.

    Those items make us guffaw! (VBP - vocab building project) Mom agrees with you, need to keep the card away from JJ, she could do some damage, particularly with the Jimmy Chews!

  9. Well, okay, that stuff is pretty cute all right, but it's all very LadyCat-oriented.

    Where's the Manly ManCat cute stuff? What do you mean, "oxymoron"??

  10. I'm with Spitty on this one. I want a mancatbag!!!!! ;)

  11. Oh, Spitty...Oh, Austin... just embrace your feminine side and run with it. You KNOW you want to!

    I need me some Jimmy Chews!
    I actually have a stuffy toy that is my go-to-carry-around-the-entire-townhouse toy. It's not even a REAL cat toy. So dogs, move over. There's a kitty in town that got her eyes on your chews.

    ; ) Katie

  12. I need to buy those for my Sandi Claws!!


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