Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Word(less) Wednesday

Allie gets cameos all week this week, since October is her birth month and we're celebrating!

Allie does it, Instagram-style. :-)


Freekibble is donating ALL Halo Pets kibble raised today through Friday to help animals who are victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Click here to raise kibble for cats:
and here to raise kibble for dogs:

Please visit, click and share these links!

And - just for fun: a spooky prank by LG, to demonstrate how lifelike their TV monitors are.
If you want to skip all the techie stuff, fast forward to about :40 into the video, where the fun stuff begins:


  1. Oh, Allie, look how adorable you are all decked out in your pink collar and toesies! They match your cute pink nose! Squee!

  2. Have a happy Halloween and a wonderful trick or treat.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Allie - Mario Smooches sweetie. You are so cute.

  4. Allie you are a picture that LG couldn't match!!! mol

  5. Allie is as beautiful as ever! Happy birth month! Thanks for sharing the Halo link and LG video. :)

  6. Allie - Instagram Style.. lol.. cute. I love all the pink.

    I can't help but wonder if anyone threw up while on that elevator..

  7. She is so pretty! I love her pink claws. They go well with her fur color :P

  8. Hi Allie! We love your pick collar, pink toesies and adorable pink nosey! :)

  9. Our compawterz playing mind gamez so can't see the video..Lookz hella scarey though. Pink, sooo you..MOL have a great Halloweeeeeen xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  10. OMC!!! I love that video...what a clever idea! That would be SO scary though... I'd totally FALL for it.

    Happy Birthday Month, Allie! We should get our nails done together. You know...a girls spa day.

    ; ) Katie

  11. I shared about FreeKibbleKat on my Facebook page!

  12. Woo Hoo , looking GREAT in your pink collar and toesies !
    Mom thought the video with the elevator was FUN :D

  13. Allie! Yous looks marvelous darling! And yous NEVER EVER get mes in that elevator!!!

  14. You look so sweet and cute, Allie! Have a happy Howl-o-ween from us to you (with extra treats too.)
    Thank you for letting us know about the Free Kibble fundraiser to help the cats that were in Sandy's path. We are purring our hardest for them.
    Sherlock,Ash and Traveler

  15. Yay! Spotlight on Allie! Happy Halloween!

  16. Hi Allie! That sure is a sweet picture - happy Birthday Month! We loved that video :-) We got a big laugh from it. Thank you for sharing it.

  17. Love the pink nail caps! and that video was awesome!

  18. Allie, you are so pretty!

    My Mommeh says she would have screamed real loud if she was in that elevator...

  19. Happy Birthday Month, Allie!
    That was a freaky trick to play!


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